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New! Lakmé Perfect Radiance Capsules

Lakmé Perfect Radiance range has a totally new look now, and there's an interesting addition- Perfect Radiance Capsules Treatment.

A power dose of skin lightening vitamins and anti-oxidants that work in synergy to enhance your skin's natural radiance. Each capsule contains a luxurious, lightweight serum that effortlessly seeps into your skin, leaving it perfectly radiant. Pure Vitamin C encapsulated in Microsponge helps in continuously releasing potent skin lightening vitamins into your skin's epidermal cells.

Price ~ Rs.1250 for 28 capsules.

♥ Cynthia Z *.*


  1. these will work great for dull and lifeless skin since the capsules contain conc. vit C ..

  2. They sound good, bit pricy tho... I hope they work :D

  3. Its really work???????

  4. will these capsules work for acne prone skin????

    plzzz help me out wanna try this treatment


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