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Purple Lipstick Suggestions ~ From A Reader

After my Lipsticks That Don't Exist post, I got a very helpful comment from a reader- Perween.

Hey Cynthia, I love going through your blog. You have a great knack for writing that is not only informative but has a wonderful sense of humour. After reading this post I took it upon myself to hunt for a violet lipstick for you. I went to Sephora today and came across these lipsticks that may match the second picture:
  • MUFE - Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick, Shade #15 - Pearly Violet 
  • Smashbox – Be Legendary Lipstick, Shade – Bold Berry (vivid violet)
  • Dior – Rouge Dior Lipstick, Shade 786- Mysterious Mauve
  • Dior – High Fashion Lipstick, Shade 001, Violet Tatoo

Isn't that the sweetest thing?! :) ♥

I couldn't find good photos of all the lippies on Google, so I just  put up these to give you all an idea....

I am definitely going to get Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense #15.

Thanks Perween! I really appreciate your very kind & thoughtful effort.

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. got a purple lipstick recently too but not that dark compared to the picture though...

  2. aw thats so sweet! Purple is my fav colour! Cant wait to see you wearing the MUFE one!

  3. that is so sweet :D and CZ .... all of us love you to this extent you know :D :D ....
    havent tried any dark purples i guess ... but am gonna buy the MUFE one shortly ... it is looking so WOW and easy on pocket :D
    i loveeddddd VIOLETTA on you but it was out of stock here very soon :( :( :(

    1. Really Rash?? Happy to hear that :D :D. Aww.. too bad about Violetta! It's nice but I wouldn't say it's that awesome, so u can defo find another alternative. Cam't wait to see the MUFE one on u :))


  4. Can't wait to see the MUFE lipstick on you, it might give me courage to try it on me hehe :)

  5. :D its great how we can all help each other! can't wait to see when you try out the lip color

  6. :D I also can't wait to see you try out the color. Don't be afraid to rock it!

  7. I saw your original post and while it was so sweet of this reader to help you out, I realized there may be a simple a cheapie black lipstick or very creamy black eyeliner and use a dark purple pressed pigment over it. Top with a purplish or sheer black gloss to make it look "lipsticky." It's an effective way to make virtually any color you want, even if it's not in true lipstick form! :]

  8. I wish I could find a purple like that. Out of the lipsticks mentioned, I do have the MUFE one and it looks nothing like it. you can see it here:

  9. What lipstick is the one in the image you posted? I NEED IT IN MY LIFE!

  10. What color lipstick is the the model wearing in the post? I NEED it!


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