Urban Decay Naked Palette Vs Too Faced Naked Palette Vs Too Faced Natural Palette

Here are all 3 of the most popular neutral eyeshadow palettes side-by-side for you to compare.
  • Urban Decay Naked Palette, $48 (Rs.2452) ~  Review & Swatches here
  • Too Faced Naked Eye Kit, $36 (Rs.1840) ~ Review & Swatches here
  • Too Faced Natural Eye Kit, $36 (Rs.1840) ~ Photos here

Urban Decay Naked  Palette Vs Too Faced Naked Eye Vs Too Faced Natural Eye

If you're trying to decide between the Too Faced Natural Palette & Naked Palette: I'd say pick Natural if you want warmer shades & Naked if you want cooler shades. If I didn't have UD Naked Palette, I'd regret picking TF Naked over TF Natural.

The packaging design of Too Faced Naked Eye Palette is different from that of Natural Palette. Naked is bulkier, coz it has a pull-out drawer which stores a tiny dual-sided brush, which is absent in Natural.

My Favorite: Urban Decay Naked Palette, mainly coz it has Naked & Buck which I use a lot and....well, I can survive on it alone (and I did- for 2 whole weeks once.)

Which one is your favorite?

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♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. woooooooow cynthia
    such a fantastic post!!!!
    love ur work..!

  2. hi... im from india, mumbai.. i wanted to know where can i get sephora 88 palette in India & also the urban decay naked palette?

  3. Shourima- Do u mean Coastal Scents 88 Palette? If so, then u can order that from coastalscents.com or ebay.com.
    UD Naked Palette- ebay.com, though it'll be very expensive.


  4. Bidisha- Thank u!

    Sahar- ur welcome


  5. i have so many neutral palettes its like an addiction

    tzeyien89.blogspot.com xxx

  6. yup UD Naked looks the best...my 2nd goes to Natural too..I am getting the Natural :)

  7. great post! I like how you have compared the three :) xx

  8. m am trying to get my hands on UD naked!

  9. I am really lemming for the naked palette nowadays..... :P

    btw I wanted to buy a bourjois lipstick in shade tender rose.... You already have it - I want to know if it is too light/sheer to properly show-up on partially pigmented lips???


  10. Its a difficult choice to make when all the three look tempting !

  11. I have the 2 Two Faced palettes and recently purchased the UD one as well. I think I am a sucker for the natural-type palettes. I like the UD one the most for its versatility. I thought the Two Faced Naked was a bit too sparkly ... at least for my brown skin.


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