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Sigma Precision Brushes & Round Top Kabuki: Photos

I hauled some brushes from Sigma  this month- Precision Brushes & Round Top Kabuki. I'm in love with the soft synthetic HD Fibers, which they are made of. I wish I had a pillow made of them....oooh....!
  • Precision Tapered P86
  • Precision Round P82
  • Precision Flat P80
These Precision Brushes are so cute! I got all of them except the Precision Angled P84. I want to use these with my concealers, precise contouring, buffing small areas/corners & to apply some powder products too.

  • Round Top Kabuki F82: I needed this brush for buffing (blending in circular motions for a smooth finish) foundation effortlessly. Although my other foundation brush- Sigma Flat Top Kabuki F80, works fine, it splays a little too much when I'm buffing. I wanted a synthetic version of the Sigma F05 Small Contour Brush, and F82 is the closest one to it. I know I'm going to love it.

Alongside eye brushes for size comparison

I bought all these brushes from . They deliver worldwide. 

  • Precision Tapered P86:  $14.00 (Rs.755)
  • Precision Round P82:  $14.00
  • Precision Flat P80:  $14.00
  • Round Top Kabuki F82:  $16.00 (Rs.862)
  • Shipping & Handling:  $16.14
  • Total: $74.14 (Rs.3996)

The shipping cost is ridiculous! I realize that now. The only good thing is, I received my package in a week.

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. I LOVE precision tapered and precision flat! <3

  2. They're beautiful:)
    (does saying that even make sense?)

  3. Awesome haul! I will buy their travel set for sure in jan or feb! if anyone wants to buy plzzz tell, we can share shipping charges!

  4. The precision ones works super fab <3 :)

  5. I wish someone would get sigma to india... Do they even allow franchisees? Sigh~~~ wud be so much easier...

  6. I have two F80s and I so love them! but the shipping I agree is outrageous!

  7. I hauled some sigma brushes too, i can't wait to try them at christmas! xxx

  8. As one of top bloggers in India,I'm glad to know that now you support synthetic brushes,Cynthia!:)Hope many bloggers will support it as well,it's important for those animals who were sacrificed for brushes.
    Though I a bit don't understand about your previous brushes post:that you prefer synthetic brushes to natural ones.Then why did you buy those natural ones?(that inglot brushes post).Or is it now you change your brushes preference?
    Great post,keep inspiring!:)

  9. I just got the three original Sigmax kabukis and i'm trying them out now. But the precision ones seem much more useful.


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