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Did You Guess Right?

[Sorry for being late with this. Our Airtel modem just conked out today....for the 2nd time grr. Got a temporary connection for now.] 

Thanks to everyone who played the Guessing Game. I didn't think so many people would be enthu about it, that's what made it a lot more fun. It's now time for me to disclose how much I paid for my booties! Is yours the winning number? Wow it's like a lottery :) 

65 Guesses:
Majority ~ Rs.2000
Funniest ~ Under Rs.500 (Whaaat?! I wish!)
Wowza! ~ Rs.6000-8000, Rs.7000 (I wish! ;p)

*Right price ~ Rs.950 (about $19.00)

Nobody guessed that exactly, so I decided to go for the amount closest to 950- which is 990.

Smitha guessed Rs.990, so she wins this contest. CONGRATS! You have an entry to my next Giveaway. I can't help thinking, "Why? Why didn't she just guess 950 instead of 990???!!" coz I wanted someone to hit the bull's eye so badly! =D

By the way, I bought them from my hometown- Shillong. 
Original price - Rs.1200-1300
I bargained - Rs.500 (Rule when haggling: Always cut the price in half)
I gradually took it up to Rs.800, but SA stuck to Rs.990, but in the end agreed to 950.

I would have paid upto Rs.2500 for them but still, I like to win when bargaining. Don't we all? 

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. awwww!!!
    Congrats smitha :)
    <3 CZ

  2. Thats a steal- wowww
    Loved the shoes- they even look comfy... heheh

  3. wao you got such pretty shoes in stealing price

  4. damn cool.. i actually guessed 900-1000 :P should have been more specific! congrats smita! :D

  5. That's a steal!! Congrats, Smita!:)

  6. OH!!!
    Good news for me in the morning itself.
    Thanks Cynthia and Thank you all :-)]
    I was thinking that even if you bargain, the SA wont allow the price to go very below the 1000 mark, hence the guess :-P

  7. These shoes are beautiful! What an absolute steal x

  8. OMG! I lost by 50 bucks! I had guessed 1000 :P

  9. Hey girrl lovr those shoes... So I am from guwahati and I visit Shillong a lot.. Where did u buy them exactly? Police bazaar?

    1. Hey Leez, yes they're from Police Bazaar. Just go to Shoe Emporium in Daluja's Complex where Exotica jewelry store is too.


    2. Thanks a ton.. :) U have a great blog!


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