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Smokey Eyes For Karwa Chauth ~ Tutorial

Here is Karwa Chauth step-by-step eye makeup tutorial some of you requested. I am using some random colors, so feel free to use any other colors for this look. You could use a shade that matches with your outfit. The main colors I used are pink & purple from a Revlon palette I have been ignoring for a long long time. 
Let's begin:
Part 1:
  • For a smooth application & to make eyeshadows last longer, I used MAC Painterly Paint Pot
  • Revlon Illuminance cream black shadow as eyeshadow base. This will intensify the look. Blend the black on your hand first before applying it on your lids, this will prevent mistakes & make blending it easier.
  • Apply it all over you eyelids up to the crease line. I have droopy lids, so I like to take color over my natural crease line.
  • Blend the harsh edges with a blending brush.
  • With my ring finger, I mixed purple & pink eyeshadows together & patted them on top of he black base. Again, blend the edges.
  • It should look like last pic.
Part 2:
  • Apply a black eyeshadow on outer corner and take it inwards a little bit using gentle brush strokes.
  • Use a highlighting eyeshadow on brow bone and blend it downwards just barely touching the black/purple edge. You see that it really softens the line and gives it a gradient effect.
  • I placed a gold eyeshadow (Half Baked fron UD Naked Palette) on the inner corners using my pinky. I applied the same gold eyeshadow starting from center of my lid to inner corner joining them together. *You can also use silver.

Part 3:
  • 1st pic is how it should look after Part 2.
  • Tightline upper lash line & line entire eye staying very close to lash line & making it thicker on the outer half.
  • Gently smudge the line out. I'm using Lakme Kohl Ultimate. You can also use a black eyeshadow.
  • Apply the same purple shade on lower lash line & connect color to the outer corner of upper lid as shown.
  • Also apply the kohl pencil on your waterline. You can also intensify & smudge it depending on how dark you want it to be.
  • Curl lashes with eyelash curler.
  • Apply 3 coats of volumizing mascara on top & bottom lashes. I used Maybelline Pulse Perfection Mascara.
  • Optional: Apply false lashes to make it look more smokin' 
DONE! :)

Hope you found the tutorial easy to follow. To all you married Indian ladies:
 Have a happy & blessed Karwa Chauth (in advance ;))
*It's on 15th October. I'm surprised that I'm early for once hehe.

What is Karwa Chauth? It's a day when married Hindu women fast from sunrise to moonrise for the safety & longevity of their husbands. They like to dress up & look like a bride again on this meaningful day. It's a big deal in India. Wikipedia will explain it better, please go here

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. something looks different about you.. Maybe a new foundation or you lost weight but at the same time you didn't lol.. your skin looks great! oR is it a new camera?? lol.

  2. Soo pretty! What revlon palatte is this?? DOnt remember seeing this kind before.

  3. loved it..the combo looks amazing..

  4. wow... eye make up is lukin very very pretty n neet.... :-)

  5. Wow gorgeous <3 You look great Cynthia!!!! Love the eye makeup!!!

  6. Gorgeous! Thanks for doing this - It's given me some ideas :D :D

    PS: Pls do a review of the inglot pencil :)

  7. Bharti- Nah same camera, just weird lighting n flash


  8. Kejal- it's the 12-hour quad in Berry Bloom.


  9. pavanai- bhumika, manali, rakhshanda- thank u ladies, glad u liked

    rashmi- Thanks it's my fav combo :)

    Tanveer- Great....and yup will review it soon! :)


  10. Your skin looks flawless & you look so beautiful, CZ! I always love the way you explain your tutorials. Great job :)

  11. Lovely look and such a detailed pictorial. Great job dear. :)

  12. Super sexy, love it! Thank you for the great tutorial!

  13. u r looking beautiful cynth............ very nice

  14. What a gorgeous look, the combo of purple and gold was very unexpected but looks great. Considering I have both shades laying around somewhere I'm definitely trying out today.


  15. I'm not normally a purple-girl, but I really like this look! <3 I especially like the pop of gold.

  16. glowy and stunning! well done girly, well done

  17. This is such a gorgeous look... love it!

  18. omg..such a nice purple smokey! I must try it like that, I just posted a night where I did a smokey-ish purple...loving the look on you!

  19. This is a beautiful look.. very pretty!

  20. Love the look..its pretty and u seem to hv a very systematic approach to makeup!Love ya!!


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