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Garnier Light Anti-Dark Circle Eye Roll On Review

Finally! I have got to try a product which I have been wanting to try for more than a year (remember my crazy wishlist post here?)

Garnier Light Anti-Dark Circle Roll On with Pure Lemon Essence, Caffeine & Mineral Pigments claims to refresh eyes and brighten dark circles. It is also fragrance-free and dermatologically & opthalmologically tested.
Shade ~  Medium
Texture is liquid-like and runny- like thin water color. On my eyes below. Please excuse the lash glue stuck on my lashes. It's a pain to remove!

Without Garnier Roll On

A little amount used


The Good:
♥  Love the cooling effect it gives especially when my eyes are very strained.
♥  It does brighten up my eyes.
♥  It de-puffs eye bags (see pic above).
♥  The skin soaks it up really quickly (which might not be a good thing at times)
♥  You don't need to set it with powder since it dries to a matte finish.
♥  Cute & convenient packaging.
♥  Inexpensive.

The Bad:
-  It is hard to blend without an eye cream underneath.
-  Roller ball & tip gets really messy (see 1st pic)
-  I doubt the sheer consistency of this would cover major dark circles.
-  Layering it makes it look uneven & flaky. Like applying foundation on top of powdered face.
-  Shade selection might be a problem for some. Even Medium is a tad too light for me. It is also available in Light & Dark, I'm assuming, although they weren't available at the store.
- It won't be suitable for undereyes with lots of lines and wrinkles because it will creep into them. Especially since it dries to a matte-almost-powdery finish, the lines are emphasized when I smile/crinkle my eyes.
-  I'm also afraid it'll cause more lines around my eyes. After this, I decided that I'll apply only creamy stuff under my eyes. Maybe I'll mix this with a cream concealer next time.
*Compare 'Without Roll On' & 'Blended' pics. You'll see that the fine lines are more noticeable in the latter.

To sum it up, it is a product in which the cons outweigh the pros for me personally, and I will not repurchase. I wanted to love it so much but I realized an extra layer of liquid foundation under my eyes looks much better and most importantly, even.

Price ~ Rs.199.
Rating ~  ♥♥♥♥♥ 3/5

Have you tried this yet?

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. This looks like it works great on you although I agree with you on the consistency. I have the original reoller-ball thing and it doesn't really do something for me...

  2. Thanks for this review.. I don't like the way this settles in lines, I was planning to get this, but am gonna skip now. Thanks for saving my monies :D

  3. Its only available in Fair and Medium in India..which has pink and yellow undertones respectively..I thought medium would be too yellow but fortunately it does match..ya agree a layer of foundation would give the same finish..but I like this when I am in a hurry..which I mostly am :p

  4. It brightens and gets rid of a bit of shadow but it's not too darmatic. It also looks quite a bit yellow!

  5. Thanks for the review. I was planning to get I won't :P

  6. ooo been looking for a new undereye concealer..thanks for the review!!

  7. Its only available in Light and Medium. I got the Medium one, and its a little too light for me too. :-|

  8. Thanks for the review.. I was keen on buying this Roll On.. Upset now! :( as it has such huge claims..

  9. Can you tell me where can I find this in Mumbai or online on Indian sites???


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