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Forever 21 Jewelry HAUL & In Search Of A Dress

Yesterday I went to shop for some things I really need:
- #1: A formal dress for my very good/childhood friend's wedding, which is in exactly 26 days (aaahhh!)
- #2: Probably some accessories to match the dress.

But while not finding #1, I ended up buying things I don't really need....but want, of course ;p

I want to say something else.....but I'll let you feast your eyes on the pretties first....

Lovely Pendant with bow, Rs.213 ~ Don't you find this....lovely? I adore the bow. It's also available in other colors- white, cream, sky blue.

Long Silver Heart Necklace, Rs.299 ~ This looks so good when layered. 
3 pairs of earrings- all gold, coz gold looks better on me these days.
Lace Web Medallion Gold Earrings, Rs.119 ~ These are absolutely fabulous.

Wrapped Hoop Earrings, Rs.199 ~ Now I'm thinking I should have picked another pair instead of this. My hubby kept telling me to 'BE QUICK', so I got all confused. I tell you, these men mess with our heads! Grrrr.

Gold Butterfly Earrings, Rs.299 ~ I LOVE these to pieces! I find it so interesting that the wings are double.

What I want to say is:
If you have the same taste in clothes as me (and also petite), there are no formal dresses available in New Delhi (or the whole country? I don't know.) Boring colors, empire necklines with unflattering very blah.

Forever 21 were having a SALE and selling old clothes, basically junk. The dresses listed in the website were nowhere to be seen!
Mango's dresses are very grown-up, prim & propah- meaning, boring.
Promod has mostly cotton, hippie stuff.
Forever New ~ They say it's a fairy tale collection, but me no feel like Cinderella.
Zara didn't have some of the dresses listed in the website either. They had this light red lace strapless dress, which looked like a curtain.

Then what do I want?
Something like this....
Lipsy Coral Dress

Isn't it to die for?! Desperately want it! Abracadabraaa.....jadoooo.....

Let's see what happens ;)

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. lovely haul...
    i love your lovely pendant and your ear rings are fabulous...

  2. lol..hope you get the dress.I always have to get my dresses tailored cos the retail ones never fit me or they are very "blah" :D

  3. Haha ! I have tht lovely necklace and it really is lovely... My aunt is called lovely (you kow punjabi nicknames) i keep teasing her with it and you are SO RIGHT about not finding dresses in delhi! Ugh. F21 has really started selling really really old / stale stuff...have you tried ordering from There are your sizes in shoes and clothes..

  4. Carrie diaries in the background!!

  5. wow the heart necklace is awesome!!!!
    Wish we had F21 in Mumbai :(

  6. Oh wow, I love the gold ear rings!! I have yet to meet an indian girl who doesn't suit big dangling ear rings! I had a 'big ear rings' phase a few years back but I'm really a stud type of person! Hope your find your dress!

  7. Your earring collection is totally drool worthy. Will you do a post on jewellery organising? I need some inspiration.
    Too bad that there aren't any good dresses available in Delhi. But imagine what the situation is like in Chennai!

  8. love the haul!!! forever 21 is a great store! it's my fave!!!

  9. Oooo i love the necklaces! Maybe look for a dress on ASOS? They have really pretty dresses!!

  10. Hey try looking for your dress from They ship to India and the best part?? FREE SHIPPING!!! Check it out!

  11. Kindy- I may have to get mine tailored too

    pnb- I thought the dresses there are kind of trashy and costume-ish


  12. cnf- yes! :)

    GB- I'm sure it'll come there soon


  13. Poohkie- I was going to that anyways...hope I'll be able to do it soon. Ya, I can imagine in Chennai :))


  14. arsyparsy, buyology s- The problem is custom charges on something that costs over 3000-4000 bucks, that's why I'm scared to try Asos


  15. If m ever asked whos wardrobe I envy....My Answer is gonna be Cynthia's!!!

  16. fab those pieces..everything..and I hope u get the dress :)

  17. I would love a dress like that too! Yes, i am petite and i live in New Delhi. know :|

    I totally completely agree with you.
    Those butterflies look very pretty btw :)

  18. i love the necklace!! the earrings r cool too, wish we had F21 here in pak too :(
    lols @'men mess with our heads'!


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