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Bio-essence Bird's Nest Nutri-Collagen & Whitening Advancer & Cream Review

Bird's Nest. I'd rather not think about what it is exactly. It's quite icky. Let's just think, birds are cute.

But on second thought, I have put it on my face.

What Really Is Bird’s Nest? Bird’s Nest comes from the Collocallia species of swiftlet birds which inhibit the mountains around South East Asia (Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia). Shaped like a bowl and about 3-5 inches in diameter, this intricate web of solidified saliva and other materials is formed by the male swiftlet during the breeding season in April. 

The packaging of this range of products is very attractive, with the pearly pale yellow & gold accents. It is one of the best I've seen in drugstore products. Both are quite heavy. The cream comes with a mirror on the cap & a plastic spatula.

Bird’s Nest Nutri-Collagen & Whitening Advancer contains concentrated Bird’s Nest Essence to supply nutrients to the skin. More than a toner, the advancer combines other active ingredients Amino Acid Skin Whitening Complex, Hyaluronic Acid and Ginseng to effectively nourish the skin and promote complete absorption of subsequent skincare products for suppler and fairer complexion.

What is an advancer and how does it work?
Bird’s Nest Nutri-Collagen & Whitening Advancer promotes absorption of skincare products and also advances skin condition and performance to maximize the benefits of the ingredients absorbed. 

My Thoughts:
I LOVE this!. If you have used Bird's Nest Face Masks, this will feel very similar to them. It is thin, gel-like, and feels almost mucous-like. It is sticky at first but dries completely after a few minutes.
Benefits ~ I think this made my skin a bit more yellow. Also, on some mornings my face looks really glowy and satin-like. A little improvement in dark spots too.

Bird’s Nest Nutri-Collagen & Whitening Cream is enriched with Bird’s Nest Essence, Amino Acid Skin Whitening Complex, Ginseng extract, Angelica extract, amino acids, mineral elements and natural herbal ingredients which penetrate into the skin quickly to instantly nourish and whiten the skin. The cream effectively protects the skin against external environmental aggressors, slowing down the skin’s ageing process.

My Thoughts:
I have used this 2-3 times right after I bought it, and never again since then. It is the smoothest/silkiest cream EVER! I was in love with it initially.....until it caused major cystic pimples around my chin area. The type that are painful, hard & red, but without an eye. Then I read the ingredients list, and saw that it contains a lot of Dimethicone (silicone), which have never suited me. No wonder it feels so silky! I was really disappointed because I really really liked the texture of it and had high hopes for it. If you don't have oily, acne-prone skin, this might be a miracle product for you, coz it feels amaaa-zing! Okay, I won't talk about it anymore, coz you may see teardrops on here.
Benefits ~ I didn't use it long enough to see any. But on the days I used it, it made my skin feel really soft & supple.

I appreciate the concept, smell & packaging of both, but I wish they were more 'natural' & didn't contain silicones. I may repurchase the Advancer in the future.

Bio-essence Bird's Nest Nutri-Collagen & Whitening Advancer ~ RM50.91 (Rs.787.00 approx.)
Bio-essence Bird's Nest Nutri-Collagen & Whitening Cream ~ RM59.42 (Rs.918.00 approx.)

Cleanser & Essence (toner) also available in this range. You can go to Bio-essence website here for further details.

Have you tried Bird's Nest products?

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. they look amazing..packaging is superb

  2. They look nice too along with the cute name..

  3. Liked the packaging...but otherwise..hehe I dont think i will try this :-)

  4. The packaging is so beautiful!!!! Thanks for sharing Cynthia :)

  5. its a nice review...thanks for sharing :)

  6. I love doz bird's nest face mask dey make me luk lyk an alien, lol.Tckr.


  7. Packing is so classy! I have heard a bit about this, thanks for the review :D

  8. Thank god the packaging looks nice. Makes up for the use of bird's saliva!

  9. A pity the second one broke you out. It did sound very promising. The slimey texture of the first one must take some getting used to.

  10. Should I use the advancer and the cream together? Which is first and which is after then ?

  11. where I can get this product in India. please suggest me.


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