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Depotting Colorbar Single Eyeshadow

Many months ago, I was depotting my MAC eyeshadows, and didn't stop there. I picked up the only Colorbar eyeshadow I have, and decided to evict it as well. Single eyeshadows disturb me- mentally. 
It had a mirror attached to it, which made the process seem next to impossible, but I was to curious to find out the outcome.

Eyeshadow shade ~ Proudly Purple (swatch & review here)

This is what it looked like before. The mirror is attached to the bottom of the eyeshadow

How to:

  • 1st ~ Take out/break the lid
  • 2nd ~ Break the middle section where the eyeshadow & mirror are on either side
  • 3rd ~ Take out the mirror with a sharp knife. It could break, but mine didn't! Thank goodness, coz breaking mirrors is not good, right?
  • 4th ~ Burn the part where the mirror was with a candle to loosen the glue that holds the eyeshadow on the other side (just you would MAC eyeshadows). I used a tong to hold the pan and held it on top of a burning candle.
  • 5th ~ Poke eyeshadow pan out from the burnt part to loosen the eyeshadow pan & also loosen the sides with the sharp knife. Do this gently to prevent eyeshadow from breaking. 
And you're done! 

Bottom of eyeshadow pan

This is how the eyeshadow looks after....

Ya, it's a weakling this pan, not tough like the MAC ones. The eyeshadow also broke a little bit.

There you have it! A misshapen depotted Colorbar eyeshadow. I feel sorry for it haha.... BUT. It's no longer single! ;)

Have a great week everybody! 

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. Could you fit this in an empty palette? Im just curious as it has lost its shape..

  2. it is depotted by force.. ;) how it is lookng in other pan?

  3. The eyeshadow is looking baked like a cake :P.. Most of my eye shadows are singles, oddly I prefer them that way :)

  4. Aarthi- Empty palette, like the Z palette, yes :)

    Sahar- Not pretty hehe

    Tanveer- Ya, it does! Brownie haha


  5. CZ ..... how much time did you spent in this ??
    seriously ... its looking ???? hmmmmm
    what punch ???? kya bolon ...
    after seeing the pics even am speechless and thinking how much time and energy you UTILIZED in this ???
    love you CZ .....

  6. 'But it's no longer single' lol lol You're so funny!

  7. Poohkie- haha....thanks

    Rashmi- kya's hideous isn't it? Not much time actually lol



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