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Gillette Venus ~ Best Razor Ever!

Loving, loving, LO-VING Gillette Venus Razor! It's the best razor I've ever used. And it's pink!

About GilletteVenus:
  • 3 blades surrounded by soft protective cushions ~ The cushions gently smooth out your skin for a close, smotth shave
  • Indicator Strip ~ It has a blue stripe that fades when you are no longer getting the optimal shave.
  • Venus Shaving Compact stores your razor and up to 4 sealed ShowerSafe blade refills together in the shower.

The best thing about it is the pivoting head, which moves with the contours of the body. Shaving underarms is a cakewalk! 

This can be attached on the bathroom wall

I always use it with Gillette Satin Care Shave Gel, for a smoother shave. It is one of my favorite beauty tools, for sure. Now I just have to find some more refills.

Price ~ RM 29.90 (approx. Rs.454.00)
Rating ~ ♥♥♥♥♥ 5/5

Availability ~ I haven't seen these in India (big supermarkets), but I have a feeling they are sold in some stores. A certain feeling, also known as optimism ;)

I'm definitely trying the other types of Gillette Venus Razors- Embrace, Breeze, and whatnot. You can check them out here

So... which is your favorite razor?

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. looks nice. but i stictly wax only. after a while of waxing only my hair growth has decreased significantly. :)

  2. That looks pretty still hooked to gillette satincare razor though...:)

  3. Tanvee- To shave, obviously

    Ginger- Ya, waxing is better, but can't always wait for hair to grow in between :)

    Amritha- I used those too before. This is so much better :)


  4. Have you tried the ones that have the shave cream bar attached to the razor? I like those because it is super convenient.

  5. Oohh I have this! I had no clue It was for 400 Rupees!:P I agree, its the best one ever!:)

  6. I use, I think the same razor but I want to get laser ASAP. I hate hair. anywhere except head.

  7. I love this one too! I used to use the one fie men thinking ut would be better for my legs, but nope, this one is wayyy better

  8. I used a razor I got from Singapore [I think Tic] but I got heat boils so I prefer waxing always.

  9. I use the Gilette Fusion Proglide Power. It's meant for men so it wears out a lot faster but I get a much better shave than with any of the women's razors.

  10. I prefer waxing though... but i get tempting to use a razer cause it saves time n money and its painless XD. But the after effects doesnt suit my skin.

    I am doing my first GIVEAWAY (INDIA ONLY) so please participate and try your luck ^_^!!


  11. I have seen these in this site.

  12. Really? :( Im really afraid of shaving though :( I once shaved my legs, result was cuts all over my legs. I think i need to learn how to do it!

  13. hey where can i buy one? i use glide bikin razor only as of now as did not like any other razors, but this one sounds good, am from mumbai.


  14. i always prefer waxing but razor is the most handy and life saving product. although i use ORIFLAME but dying to get this one and its much more cheaper than mine.

  15. It is available in India...I got it from NEW U

  16. please tell me where can i buy the Gillette Satin care shave gel.... its not available in any store in india! please help


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