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Fashion Friday ~ Green & Black Outfits

I was going to put up these photos separately long back, but since the both outfits are the same color, I decided to put them together & save some time.

Please excuse the second-day-dirty hair. Had to catch a flight that morning. Before we left, it looked better.....

Dress- Nichii. I waited 1 year to wear this dress. I had to get length (which was below my knees =\) altered. I even have a copy of it- hot pink & black :)
Shoes ~ Vincci.
Bag ~ Vincci. I realize it's same bag all the time, but it's the only big, black bag I own, what can I do?
Satin Bow Earrings ~ Vincci
Location ~ Singapore.

The next Green & Black outfit:

I just noticed the nosey boys up there haha...

Bodycon skirt ~ Nichii. It's the same skirt like the Black & Yellow one I wore on my birthday eve (post here). See I had to get 2! If I remember correctly, only Rs.300 each.
Top ~ Promod. Bought it specially for the skirt.
Bag ~ Vincci. Again.
Velvet Slippers ~ Vincci
Necklace ~ I bought this from Parkson Mall, KL. I forgot the name of the brand (maybe Iora? Something ending in ya or ra....something-aah =D) We were going down on the escalator, when my eyes fell on it. It was displayed on a coral-pink colored sleeveless top, and it looked so beautiful! It wasn't expensive, so I bought it.
Location ~ Kuala Lumpur

You know why I wear short outfits in most of my vacay photos? Because I don't get to wear short stuff during the day in India. You people who live here will know exactly what I mean. I have so many dresses & skirts that I've not worn since I bought them- mostly 1 to 2 years ago. So, when I'm out of the country, I wear what I want without feeling uncomfortable.

*If some people have a problem with what I wear, then my blog is not for them. It's a personal blog, hence personal taste. I'm not forcing anybody to come read it, and if it makes them angry inside, they can always not read it. It's as simple as that. Anger is not good for health.

To those who like my short outfits, have a great weekend! ;)

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. Love the outfits, they look cute :)

  2. love the outfits an dI totally understand y u myt not be wearing short dresses or skirts I have the same prob in my country ...

  3. Muuuuhaaaa wear whatever you want and talk whatever you wish Its your blog first :) and you look more sweet in shorts , i understand the uncomfortable thingy Lol same here with me its so true :)) sometimes i feel more then men its ladies or girls who make you/us uncomfortable :):) u look cute by the way :) much love

  4. To hell with the haters! You look stunning,Cynthia :) I LOVE the second green/black combo the most!!

  5. LOL... people always find things they DONT like.. hehehhehe

    you look sooo pretty in these outfits... If they want to see interesting sarees and salwars they should go to a wedding no... they'll have a nice view there :D

    you carry these sooo well! I like seeing your fashion pics.. btw- never saw you in jeans!!! hehehe

  6. u r a stunner cyn..hubby must feel so proud awww :)

    I totally understand the situation,not being able to wear wat we want to..i hav been thro tat when i was plc like nagaland and meghalaya..we can jus be ourselves as long as its legal..

    and the last para woohooo..u deserve hugs and kisses..;) anybody have a prob with wat another person chooses to wear get da hell outa tis blog

  7. i love ur ear rings in first look...

  8. Gorgeous as ever Cynth..........and whoever has a problem...hehe..Well its their problem...

    Keep up the ya

  9. Loved the outfits, you look so pretty and those bow earrings are indeed cute! :)

  10. love your vinchii shoes and outfits, go green girl!

  11. They suit u perfectly..I find u prettier in them :)And ur style statement is laudable :D

  12. U love green don't u?:) looks Good girl:)

  13. U look absolutely gorgeous dear and I love ur shoes. Amazing photos!

  14. I loved the first dress but liked how fresh and radiant u look in the second one :) I understand what you mean. But shorter lengths suit you very much! Just ignore what unkind things other have to say.

  15. i so loved the earing, and you look so cute, to me ur cuteness personified

  16. greens suits you soo much cz..

  17. I love the second outfit more! and those nosey boys are so totally checking you out hehe. Why the disclaimer? dont tell me someone actually came to your blog and commented on how you dress!

  18. you are looking HOT as ever
    and hey CZ WHO CARESSSS isnt it ??
    as it is you are always BEST in whatever you post .. looks , outfits and everything ...
    BBB you are .... BOMB Blogger on the Block

  19. this is gonna sound lesbian, but I LOVE your legs!

  20. CZ you look so cute in your short short skirts and haters are going to hate.Seriously you look very cute and fun! <3

    And dear haters,I'm sorry if you are stuck in the 17th century and want to force women back into petticoats. Who cares about such tards anyways? Most of them are just plain jealous. Frustrated losers, god, I can write an essay can't I?

    You stay happy hon and I cant wait to see you in another cute fun outfit! Your OOTD are the best! And you inspired me to do some myself :)

  21. You're the cutest, do you know that? :D
    And btw i totally get it. I wait and wait to wear the skirts and dresses!

  22. Me loving the 2nd skirt and the last pic is a typical cynthia's pose isn't it? I love the way you accesorize.. you keep it simple n neat :)

  23. dont know but now a days i m liking green it in fashion????dont know but u r looking adorable.....and mix and match black-green is looking perfect........i love your bag and heel also..........keep it up........

  24. Loved the 2nd chic!!! CZ u always look like a doll...and you carry all your outfits with panache..just love it!!!

  25. you look HAWT .. like paris hilton says HOT :P

  26. Sugar- Our situation is too bad

    Kindy- Only if u give me yours ;)

    Jo- aww...thanks. That's very true! It's the women more :D

    Appu- Thanks girl

    Eve-! I wear jeans all the time. Will click some pics next time :)

    Doncing- Ya, exactly. Thank u

    sahar- thanks...i love 'em too :)

    GGG- thanks Poorni. Yup yup not my prob.

    IBC- Only Vincci for me :)

    Sweta- aww...thank u!

    ms.rinz- I do, I really do :)

    imw- thank u

    corallista- I like 2nd better too :). I agree

    rentu- hehe...thank u <3

    pavani- Glad to hear that coz I love it :)

    Fphd- haha...thanks


  27. Wanderlust- haha...looks like it. Yup some people did, sadly.

    Rashmi- LOL...omg...BBB....first time I'm hearing that tag. THANKS! :D. U r too kind

    Ginger- Me too

    Bhumika- Thanks girl

    SOL- haha...nah, it doesn't sound lesbian :D.

    AOYV- Ya, an essay s needed sometimes. I know where all the criticism is coming from, that's what makes them so sad. Thanks hon.

    TS- aww....really? Thanks!

    Aarthi- is? I don't know. Glad u think it's simple n neat

    sim- I guess it's always in, coz it's such a pleasant color. Thank u

    amritha- So sweet of u to say that. Thanks!

    Sarah- hehe...thanks. Ur HAWT too! ;)


  28. wow... tht dress juz for 300... grt deal..... luvly pichas... n yes u look cute in short dresses.... :)

  29. u really look awesome on that dress

  30. my name is not sutanukla its sutanuka

  31. cynthia would u be so kind to post a tutorial on using a blush like a professional?
    i would be so delighted if u do so

  32. this is the 1st time ever i'm able to post a command on ur blog.i daily follow ur blog.its works like a fashion boost for me

  33. Hi Cynthia

    Love both your green outfit. You looked super pretty! I think many people are jealous of your hot body that's why they make those comments....

  34. Both outfits are cute...and I LOVE the necklace in the second outfit!

  35. You look so good CZ! You got that skirt for 300 bucks?? That is so awsome! :D

    Keep doing these posts - they are very interesting to read :D

  36. I can't imagine anyone hating what ur wearing but then I forgot its India and there will be some aunty or uncle ji creating drama lol. Your choice of clothing is nice ^_^.

  37. Screw the haters, you look gorgeous :) I don't live in India but I know how it is there when it comes to clothing. I have to cover up every inch of myself in the blazing heat because of the disgusting creepers lurking around lol!

  38. where did you get these skirts from (300 each) un-believable and how. pls share your shopping destinations for clothes. i cant even get a good top at 300 and you got a skirt. so not fair.

  39. You look pretty in all pics Cynthia. And just ignore those haters, I really enjoy your outfit posts. :)

  40. Totally agree.
    Girls can wear short dresses so comfortably when out of India.
    I really wish I could wear it with as much ease on the streets in Bombay, without being judged.

  41. OMG CZ, who said something to rude...
    thats the prob here, i absolutely love short dresses, and being a tall girl in India is a crime, and an even bigger crime is when a tall girl(read long legs) wears something short...i hate it...!!
    and u look absolutely adorable n lovely in the dresses!


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