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Colorful Summer Nails Experiment

Last night I was feeling colorful and wanted to paint my nails in different colors. I raided my nail polish box and went crazy trying to decide which colors to put together, while trying really hard to limit myself ("There's always next time for the oranges, greens & reds, woman!")

So, I played it safe with tonal shades of pinks & purples.

Colorbar #71 & Inglot #150 ~ Polka dots done with a toothpick, as always =D (Topcoat smudged the dots)

This one was actually inspired by the next one (which I painted first), after falling for Colorbar #71 all over again.

(Thumb to Pinky) : Colorbar #40 , Elianto Thistle  , Bloop H11 C or E, Essie No Boundaries, Colorbar #71

I think I'll be wearing colorful nails all summer. It's so fun and this way I'll actually wear most of my nail polishes more often. 

By the way, I have both of those on right now- on each hand (out of sheer laziness to paint one hand like the other and not coz I think it's acceptable)- and I might be going laptop shopping. Let's see what reactions I get ;)

Have a colorful weekend everyone!

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. nice nail colors. Please do check out mine and comment what you think about it ^_^.


  2. wow!! interesting nails :)I like Esse no boundaries..

  3. omg you inspired me to color w polka dots + base color. I have an idea to invert the colors of bg and dots too. awesome! thanks for sharing

  4. So pretty! Puts me in a perfect Spring mood =D

  5. oohh!! i like the graded one :)

  6. I think its fun!!! I wanna wear brights for summer too!! I saw some LA colors in Mega Mall..almost bought one but then let it go..

  7. I just want you to know that I gave you an award! :)
    you can check it here :D
    Stylish Blogger award Link

  8. thank you for commenting on my blog & following me..♥ :)
    you are amazingly gorgeous!
    I saw you youtube video,you did it better than andreas choice!
    waiting for your next video..:)
    & I'll sub to ur utube channel

  9. Nice shades and your polka dots nail art looks awesome!! xoxo

  10. I’ve been seeing lots of vibrant colours on many bloggers’ nails. I think all the various shades of purple complement one another and I think it’s ok for one hand to have polka dots and not the other.

  11. so creative! love the color of your nails!


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