Inglot Pastel Collection Nail Enamel

Apart from the Brown Collection, Inglot also has Pastel Collection:
  • 968 ~ Pastel Yellow
  • 969 ~ Pastel Green
  • 970 ~ Pastel Blue
  • 971 ~ Pastel Lavender
  • 972 ~ Pastel Coral
Inglot Nail enamels do not contain:
- toluene
- formaldehyde
- dibutyl phthalate (DBP)
- camphor

Swatches of 2 shades (one coat): 

969 ~ Almost Essie Mint Candy Apple

972 ~ I thought I'd love this but it's too thin

The shades are pretty, but I did not like the pearly finish of these. The consistency was quite thin & application was uneven. Maybe it's just the testers, but I still wasn't tempted to buy + I already have shades like the pastel yellow pastel lavender from Inglot.

Price ~ About Rs.450 (same as Brown Collection)

*Grey Collection is also available at Inglot stores.

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. Love pastels but haven't found the right formulations that look great with my skin tone. They all kind of wash me out. The pearly finish you mentioned not liking will probably work for me. I can't do cream formulations. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love pastels!! I have only one in that mint shade but its from V.O.V
    n plzz check out my blog!! That would mean a lot!!

  3. Hey gurl :)

    @450 : Woah! That's expensive for a nail polish :/

    What's the quantity like??

  4. hey CZ d 972 is similar to maybelline colorama cremosa nude I guess..check that too..:)

  5. Bhumika- Oh ok will check it out! Thanks

    Stef- Yup I agree...quite expensive for a nail paint. It's 15 ml


  6. Fannie- Ya this texture is easier to use

    Beingpretty- I think it's one I've used too...the VOV one. Ok will come by sometime


  7. Inglot nail colors are just awesome :) Have to find Inglot here..

  8. I don't think pastel color work for my complexion but these look cute on you. I agree with what you said about the thin consistency and uneven finish :/

  9. Isnt way too expensive?? & the thin coat is putting me off from even trying it out! But the colors are pretty nonetheless.Perfect for summer!

  10. Raey- Yup...too expensive! I think about 3 coats is needed with these

    Fifi- Sad :(


  11. Cynthia, i am new to make-up. So, I don't know how much of what to apply to my face. I put on everything and look like a clown I feel, esp with the foundation overload and blush. I don't use the best cosmetics. i use a MAC liquid foundation and NYX twin cake powder & a NYX desert rose blush. A tinge of lipstick & mascara too. But I look overdone. I don't work. I just go out with friends. So i want a subtle but done look.Please help!!

  12. Anonymous- lol..the way u said it was funny! It can't be that bad :). Maybe ur applying too much? Just go easy on the powder & blush, and pick a light coverage foundation if u have good skin.
    Will do some tutorials soon, so maybe they'll help u



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