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Tarte Makeup Palettes

I've been drooling over these prettified Tarte makeup palettes lately. Omg! How have I not explored Tarte before?!! I've seen their Cheek Stains, but I thought that was it. Now I'm so drawn to the brand.
Tarte is a cruelty-free & natural cosmetics brand. 98% of their products are formulated without parabens, phthalates, sulphates and synthetic fragrances.  I love their tagline- Be green, be smart, be tarte!

Tarte The Jewelry Box ~ 32 eyeshadows, 8 lipglosses, a mineral bronzer, a shimmer powder, 4 deluxe long-wear eyeliners, and  a detachable & wearable necklace. I think something this fabulous is worth $52

Tarte The Royal Collection ~ Limited Edition palette of 16 exclusive eyeshadows and deluxe sizes of Tarte's bestselling products. Price - $43

Tarte Eye Couture ~ Day to night eyeshadow palette. Price ~ $44

Tarte Femme Naturale ~ Refillable natural eyeshadow palette with natural shadesPrice: $44

Tarte Ten Limited Edition Collector's Eyeshadow Palette ~ 10 smoky, earthy & jewel toned eyeshadows + a dual-ended eyeliner. Price ~ $44

The Jewelry Box is the one I really want. Even more than the Urban Decay Naked Palette! Jewelry always comes first ;)
You should see how much people are selling these palettes for on Ebay. So annoyingly exorbitant! Daylight robbery, I tell you. Maybe I should just move to US...preferably before Christmas =D
Le sigh.

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. Cynthia, i just drooled over these palettes. I'm trying to stay away from make up shopping but the last time I went to sephora they had these gift sets that are to die for! Huhu. Let me know what you're going to get!

  2. So pretty! I want them all! Santa, u listening??

  3. T ~ Me too! Santaaa!!! :D

    Mara~ you don't buy when they're right there and here I am wanting one hehe...

    Srish~ They do don't they :)


  4. Wow they look so amazing and pretty.....i also want those....:-)

  5. So nice palettes Cynthia...get them all. Omg the necklace 1 will be the best :D :D

  6. If u move to US then please keep sending them to us from there :D

  7. The packaging is unbelievably sexy. I like the femme naturale and eye couture palettes best. They are kind of expensive, though. I still love the UB naked palette.

    Maybe you could do a swap instead of purchasing on ebay?

  8. dey look want it too..:)

  9. i have the 2009 treasure chest... its a lot of makeup for 52$ worth the money :) the eyeshadows are pretty intense.... the 2009 and 2010 palettes are almost the same shades though


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