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Look Ideas For A 70's Retro New Year's Party (Requested)

This was requested by Rajni, who has to attend a year end 70's Retro themed party. I hope I'm not too late with this post! She said she "doesn't want to look like a clown" haha. I completely understand, coz I have never been to one of those parties, so I'm a little out of wits myself & quite nervous about this post. So, I'll try my best to simplify my recommendations. If I were going to a 70's party, I'd probably combine Bobby's (Dimple Kapadia) , Zeenat Aman, Nicole Richie & Mila Kunis (That 70's Show) in my look. In simple words, a mini dress or skirt with a floral top, knee length high heel boots or platform stilettos (most probably boots coz it's winter) and a head band.
For those not comfortable in short thingies and look like a whale in bell-bottom pants, pick wide leg pants instead. Wide leg pants and trousers are more flattering on most body shape.

I like this white shirt & wide leg jeans combo.

If you'd rather wear long dresses, these are quite nice. The second belted one especially (not the print so much though) coz the belt adds a little bit of chic in a boring long dress + you can wear warm tights underneath on that cold night. You can team it with a short coat or a sweater, accessorize with a necklace (like the black one Nicole Richie is wearing in the pic below) and a head band or just a flower on your ear, and you're good to go. 

Head Bands
Head bands were huge in the 70's, and now, for that matter. Nothing says 70's hippy look than these head bands...

Let's call a spade a spade, these don't look good on everybody. If you think these make you look too 'Roman' or something that people bow down to (I'm lmao right now), pick a simple hair band with beads instead. 
DIY 70's hairband: Get a plain hairband (brown or black) and stick an off-white or yellow artificial flower on one end of the hairband (the part above the ear).  Use those glue drops and tie with a thread if necessary. Maybe you can add a few beads above the flower using super glue. 

Makeup & Hair

Blue eyeshadow was a hit in the 70's. A wash of blue eyeshadow with pink and green accents applied subtly will look pretty. Keep the rest of your face neutral- peachy nude lips and a peachy-pink blush. If your outfit color clashes too much with blue or you think you just won't be able to pull off blue, then pick a vibrant eyeshadow that matches or complements the outfit. Whatever! No rules here. False eyelashes will really add glamour to your look, but if you've never used them in your life, apply about 4 coats of volumizing mascara (layer the coats when the mascara is still wet to prevent clumping.)

Hair ~ Think Farrah Fawcett if you can pull it off & are going to a salon to get it done (take a picture with you). If you want a low maintenance style, opt for Zeenat Aman's straight hair with outward turned curls at the bottom or simple blow-dried straight hair.

That's just one-fourth of the ideas in my head, but it's crunch time and New Year's Eve is in 2 days, but I hope this post helps you out a little bit.

Basic things that make a 70's look:
  • Head bands/ flower 
  • Chunky jewelry, feather earrings 
  • Knee-length boots, platform stilettos
  • Bold prints
  • Wide leg pants & bell-bottom pants

My intelligent school friend (who was born on the same day as me, in the same hospital & our mothers were school friends! I'm shocked I didn't get the same medical brains as hers considering... ;p) used to say: "It's better to be simple than foolishly fashionable"

So, keep it simple. Pick a focal point and work around that. Just have fun! How often do you get to dress up 'Retro' anyways, right? :)

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. wowie ! this is awesome girl cant thank you enough for the wonderful suggestions and its sooo sweet of you to put this together for me love you for this !And wish you a very happy new year !

  2. Wow, great tips! I really liked all of them & will keep them in mind in case I ever have to go Retro.. Loved the hair band tip, I wear them a lot :)

    I was just watching a 70s Rajesh Khanna - Mumtaz movie on the weekend - & God, she was wearing some very tight, super tight kurta-churidars :D

    Just a thght: Polka dots are 60s or 70s? Or are polka dots just simply retro??

  3. few days back i was invited in mid 70 theme party..i was so excited about it then later on every one told me that no one is going to follow the theme so dress normally ..this is what happend..i wish we could follow the themes ..partying would have been so much of fun:)

    i liked the head bands idea..didn't think about it when i was planning it :)

  4. Thanks for sharing these great ideas, hun! xoxo

  5. nice tips...i loved dos dresses...

  6. it is shmamazing :P oooo is forever 21 in select city walk mall ? or is it just in ambiance , vasant kunj ?

  7. :) It's in Ambience mall Vasant Kunj


  8. Rajni- A pleasure always :). Happy New Year to u too

    Tanveer-I think they were popular in the 60's and always in after that (for me personally) :)

    Thanks all!


  9. Wear high heeled boots, girls... it's a turn on. :P

  10. Great tips..easy,simple n beautiful!

  11. Great tips...jst luk simple,smart,n beautiful!Its dat easy:)


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