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Laura Mercier Foundation Primer Oil Free Review

I've never been one to bother with foundation primers. I used to think of them as pointless extras and brands' clever ruse to get us to buy more products from them (rascals!)

But I figured I had to at least try one, since one out of three bloggers I know can't go a day without a foundation primer.

Then one day the virgin picked Laura Mercier Foundation Primer Oil Free to be her first. 

If you're living in a hot place, it only takes a day to find out if a primer is working out for you.
In my case, this one does.

The test:
I get very hyper when I'm getting ready and doing my makeup. One: 'coz I'm not very stable...mentally :P, and Two: My stuff is all over the place, which makes finding what I'm looking for almost impossible! So, my face starts to sweat in between and I usually have to re-apply powder about 2 times ~ before blush and sometimes in the elevator when I'm leaving the building.

With this primer on my face, I didn't sweat at all, even though I felt so hot! And I was ready with a puff in hand only to see in the mirror I didn't need any. It's like the primer was preventing my face from sweating. *Don't you bother her!*

It minimizes my pores to a certain extent, which is what I hoped a primer would do.

If silicone-based primers block your pores, then this would probably be better for you coz it is water-based and feels like a moisturizer. Sometimes, I skip my moisturizer if I'm gonna be using this.

There is a tiny BUT though. My face looked extremely greasy at the end of the day when I'm using this primer. It could be the primer wearing off after fighting my oilies all day, or that I didn't bother reapplying powder coz, you, know, it's the end of the day and I'll be washing my face soon anyways. Not an issue with me, but just thought I'd mention it.

Rating ~ ♥♥♥♥4/5

Foundation does go on better and blends quicker with a primer. 

Like I think that once you start using eye creams, you'll never be able to live without one anymore, I feel the same about foundation primers. I'm hooked now. I bought 2 different ones recently. I might as well consider cutting up my credit cards now. No, 
I take that back!

Available at for Rs.1725

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^

Disclaimer~ The product in this post was provided to me by for review purposes, but I picked it out myself.


  1. wow..that is great Cynthia..instead of trying out the free product you picked it yourself..

    Quiet an expensive product for me.and i m patient with my make up too :)

  2. Anamika~ :)Happy ur are impatient too. Ya it is quite expensive, as all LM stuff.


  3. LOL..

    That was an adventurous read..I mean the style of writing was quite interesting..hehe

    Hey..I have never tried a primer and LM has been in my list for a while..
    Both primer as well as TM.

    Btw..can you consider a makeup tute..right from basics? I mean first step=primer,second=foundation,third=whatever etc.Would be great if its a video.

  4. heyyyyy I have heard lots of reviews abt this one. great to know tat its working for u...but the word oily is enough to put me off the product...'coz am super duper oily to begin with :D

  5. i used this primer! too bad it ran out and now i don't know where to get it from. boohoo. worked well for me too. :)

  6. Rima~ U can get it from strawberrynet if u want it

    indianmupways~ It's not totally the primer's fault actually, just the weather in my case

    GGG~ hehe...thanks. I will surely do that sometime


  7. this sounds so nice for combinations skin types :)

  8. Sounds like a great primer. If it works in hot conditions, then it must work in England, hehe! Defo gonna have to put this down onto my wish list. xx

  9. I have a sample for the normal one. I think you need primers more for hotter places then where I live. I don't even sweat in the gym here. Glad you like it babe...I'm going to try mine now with confidence :P

  10. haha yea i agree, once you start using something it's so hard to go back!! after using e/s and face primers i can't live w/out them :)

  11. It sounds wonderful, coz I am just as scattered as you are and I too end up rummaging through my stuff while doing makeup. So I too end up powdering quite a bit.. Sounds impressive this primer, I do plan to get a good one in the coming year. :)

  12. Even I'm thinking of getting a primer soon :)

  13. Aarthi~ U should :)

    T~ hehe...such scatterbrains we are


  14. I would love to try this out, have heard great things abt the LM products, especially their tinted moisturizer and loose powders xoxo


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