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Worst Shampoo & Conditioner EVER & Their Replacements

Bad. Bad. Regret. Regret.

L'Oreal's Elseve Re-Nutrition gave me the most lifeless, lacklustre hair I've ever had. Considering I just got my hair straightened, lustre shouldn't be hard to achieve with any shampoo and conditioner, don't you think?

Imagine this: You oil your hair before shampooing, then shampoo it. But you feel that there's still a bit of oil left on your hair. Yes, that's how my hair felt after using these. 

Imagine this too: Using body lotion as a conditioner (not that you can't use body lotion in emergencies). The Conditioner does feel like a body lotion. Ugh!

My scalp got greasy after only 1 day too.

So, I had to change after using them only twice.

Sunsilk Silky Smooth & Manageable Shampoo and Conditioner to the rescue. Absolutely love 'em!

I could touch my hair all day!

I know I should not tell people to buy or not to buy stuff and rely on their own opinions, but I can't help it this time. Please don't waste your money on L'oreal's Royal Jelly (that's what the Re-Nutrition range is made of), unless of course you oil your hair everyday to tame the frizz.

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. love your hair in the pic. so shiny. i can look at them whole day *oops kinda sound stalker-ish*

  2. I love your hair!! they look fabulous.

    I have found L'oreal shampoos and conditioners to be har destroying. (IMO and some of my friends'. I'll sure try your pick after I finish Pantene.


  3. I have to agree on this Cynthia! Loreal's royal jelly range ruined my hair too! I bought the night essence :( it was so bad!!! Left my ends feeling dry and crispy! haha

  4. Shoppingaholic~ Thanks girl. Yup this is worth a try

    @Sarah~ haha...nah it's fine :P


  5. Love your hair, its so shiny and healthy looking! I love Sunsilk shampoos too xoxo

  6. Hi Cynthia , Can you plz share your views about Herbal and Essence shampoos. I want to know your reviews.. Ur BLOG is AMAZINggggggggggggggggggggg....

  7. I replied to ye email Divs


  8. Your hair looks perfect!!!

    I think it depend on the type of hair...not long ago i bought L'Oreal's Elseve Re-Nutrition and it really helped me! My hair was completely dried... and now it looks like silk!


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