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Maybelline Hello Kitty Volume Express Cat Eyes Mascara Review

Who likes Hello Kitty

I do.... I do!

One of the first things I bought here is the Maybelline Hello Kitty Cat Eyes Mascara. It comes in such a cute with black Hello Kitty prints all over. Me likes!

A comb-like brush for even application. I loved the discontinued Lash Stylist that also had a comb brush, so this is a replacement of that for me.

It gives a decent amount of volume and length

I read this somewhere ~ "No, it's not a mascara for cats" LOL =D

Rating ~ ♥♥♥♥
Price ~ RM 29.90 (Rs.450 approx.)

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. I really like the comb like brush. I've got this mascara but not the hello kitty version :P Haven't tried it yet, but will do x

  2. Its so cute Cynthia...Do u think they would launch in India?

  3. Adoring the packaging Cynthia!!!!!, i hate maybelline for not launching their products in India. Even the blushes in india have limited range!Ugh! Comb applicators dont work for me really, but it looks like its done a good deal for you :)

  4. love the packaging. looks like a nice mascara :)

  5. The packaging is really girly & cute! Seems like a pretty good mascara. =)

  6. wow !!! i love it !! the brush is so cute !! i loved ur lashes too !!

  7. Poornima ~ I doubt it coz it's a Watson's exclusive even here

    Mehak~ There are a lot of blushes here. I know what u mean, over here everything is so limited

    deeptima~ Thanks girl


  8. Awww I wanted this mascara so bad, but alas, to no avail :(


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