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Sheer Cover Minerals Photos

This is for all those who've asked me what I think about Sheer Cover. This is my friend's and I have not used it personally, but she does like it a lot. And I must admit, I was quite impressed with the packaging and all the extra free stuff that came along with it, including a compact lipgloss/eyeshadow palette, small kabuki brush in a black satin pouch, etc.

Sheer Cover is quite *hot* in my hometown. Women order it and impatiently wait for its arrival! =D

What people I know who use it have to say about it:

  • "It gives a natural look"
  • "It covers all dark spots and patches"
  • Everything is *sooo* cute! :)
The following photos are of Sheer Cover ~ Medium

The whole kit comes in a cute black patent leather bag.

Travel-friendly Duo Concealer with setting mineral powder (looks similar to the Laura Mercier Undercover Pot)

Duo Concealer Light/Medium

Mineral Foundation ~ Latte

Mineral Foundation ~ Buff

Conditioning Cleanser

Nourishing Moisturiser SPF 15

Free Lipgloss & Eyeshadow palette

Here's the whole products list.....

My friend got this kit for about Rs.2500 when there was some kind of special offer.
Another person ordered it recently and the total came to about Rs.3400. So, I guess the price varies from time to time.

Any of you tried Sheer Cover? How do you find it?

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. So much in just Rs 2500 is fab ....I havent tried any of the product Cynthia..but i liked the lip gloss shades and palette.

  2. i saw so many ads on indian TV channels about it , and was tempted to order it . i hope i will when its available in pak

  3. WOw, this looks great :)

    hey! I have something for you on my blog

    do check out

  4. :o I've heard of it! It seems pretty good! :))

  5. It looks stunning in my opinion!

  6. I have never seen this brand on TV/print or in the market... is it available in India? there seem to be loads of stuff for 2.5k in there... how do ur friends like the quality?

  7. WOW ! so much for 2500 ! definitely a steal :D

  8. I've been wanting to try this but I'm so scared due to past experiences with mineral makeup! =\

  9. I haven't tried Sheer Cover myself but I heard a lot of good things about them, like from MAs and other beauty bloggers. It's unfortunately not easy to get your hands on except online lol

  10. I ve been thinking about trying mineral makeup but not sure about which brand to try have you tried Bare Esentuals ? Have heard good things about it

  11. I have seen this on TV.. How did your friend find the products?? Thinking of trying getting it.

  12. I have been meaning to try these for ages! Please can you do a mini review on these, hunny, please please, please! lol :)

  13. Please can u try and give a review on it? i m new to makeup stuff and if i do buy this, it would be my first buy for foundation concealer and all. is it worth putting 3000 on stake for the first ever time?

  14. can u pls suggest me a gud concealer........... i have super dry skin............:(

  15. hey cynthia....... ive been loving ur blog..... mmmm can u plz suggest me a gud concealer for under eye area ........ p.s-- i have super dry skin.........:( plz plz plz

  16. k, Guys.... SHHHHH.... Sheer Cover is good not bad at all but for 3400 Rs, We get too little of product to use, And i did buy it frankly speaking it did not cover any of my scars, and it also makes your skin dry like very dry. When i applied it on my face i had skin peeling out on my nose and chin, and if you stay some where in a humid place it just doesnot help, i sweat a lot on my face and this thing did not help me much. I think the best product is MAC or Bare is also ok. I love MAC.

  17. Im nc 42 in mac.. Will medium shade suit me??

  18. i hv tried this ...and trust me its one of the best in d market...d foundation just merges into ur skin nd gvs a very natural look.want to buy it again nd cannot find anywhere😢

  19. Hi.. I want to order it but I don't know whether it can delivered in Bangalore India

  20. Can you delivery to Bangladesh.


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