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MAC To The Beach Collection India Launch Date

Who's waiting impatiently for MAC To The Beach Collection? It's old news to most countries who are now "Grooving" to 'kiss from a 'Rose'' playing on their 'Stereo' and flaunting their 'Petticoats'
But we, in Bharat, are still waiting on the edge of our seats for a taste of the beach before we can get into the groove.

Lipstick ~ Beach Bound, Thrills, Lazy Day, Funbathing

Lipglass ~ Easy, Lounger, Flurry of Fun, Splashing

Lip Pencil ~ Life's a breeze, Temperature Rising
Eye Kohl ~ Float on By, Rosemary & Thyme

Eyeshadow ~ Sand & Sun, Firecracker, Sweet & Punchy, Shimmermoss, Humid

Bronzing Powder ~ Golden

Bronzing Powder ~ Refined Golden

Cream Bronzer ~ Beach Bronze

Cream Bronzer ~ Weekend

Powder Blush ~ Hipness

Powder Blush ~ Get-Away Bronze

Highlight Powder ~ Marine Life 

Nail Lacquer ~ In the Buff, Scorcher

Lustre Drops ~  Pink Rebel, Sun Rush

Bronze Body Oil ~ Glowing

Mac To The Beach Bags

Images from temptalia

I was told that this collection will be launched in 2-3 weeks. I'm guessing 23rd or 30th July & 6th August :). They usually launch new collections on Fridays.

I won't be here in July-August, but I will make sure that I get the stuff I want on the day it launches =D

Who else wants to get beachy?

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. I'll get the marine life powder. I missed that back home :)

  2. Hi Cynthia, This is my first ever note to you. I have been hooked on to ur blog for close to a month now and check it everyday now. Not too much into makeup myself except for Kohl and occasional lipgloss still, find your blog very useful and informative. Thanx.

  3. What are these Lustre drops? Any idea?

  4. @Aarthi~ It's basically a shimmery highlighting liquid. U can mix it with foundation for a lil bit of glow or dab it anywhere u want to highlight (face & body)


  5. @Smita~ Hi there, I'm glad u dropped a note :). Thank u! Happy u find my blog useful.


  6. @AOYV ~ Good that ur here then :) It's a must-have for sure


  7. @London's b~ Yes they are fab


  8. Cynthia I hear MAC has increased their pricing more but thing is this powder blush is killing me...

  9. why wont u be here durin august??gonna miss ya!!BTW..loving the beach bags & marine life....

  10. i just want to check out marine life and Rosemary & Thyme,
    and i am eagerly waiting for stereo rose, petticoat and in candlelight MSF's! Mac oh Mac why cant u release ur collections on time here ...

  11. @Anamika~ I won't be surprised if they do that :\. They charge us more already anyways

    @Fathima~ I'm going to my hometown girl...but will still be blogging ;)

    @Rajni ~ Tell me about it! I want Petticoat too


  12. Me wants Hipness..I had it sometime back and had to return to MAC due to some technical reason...So me wants it ;-P


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