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Bourjois Volume Glamour Utra Care Mascara ~ Review & Swatch


Ultra volume for sensitive eyes

Its ultra volumising formula coats lashes from root to tip andprotects them against harsh external factors (pollution, rubbing, air conditioning).
Enriched with regenerating and nourishing cotton and sweet almond oils, it has been specially formulated for sensitive eyes.
Its brush that applies so softly thanks to its rounded shape and ultra-soft fibres, gently coats lashes to build volume without clumping.
Result: after only 3 weeks of use, lashes are visually stronger and more resistant, as if nourished from within*
*Clinical test on 22 women with sensitive eyes, of which 7 contact lens wearer

This is one of the best mascaras I've ever used. It does feel very gentle on my sensitive eyes. I literally poked myself in the eye with the tip of the wand when I was doing this, and it didn't hurt or sting at all! :)
It gives a lot of volume, but does not make the lashes stiff.
The brush is very easy to manoeuvre with, on both the top and bottom lashes.

Can you see my lashes??? XD

AFTER 3 Coats of VG Ultra Care Mascara

Voila! (That's the reason why I love mascara more than any other makeup product!)

***It is not waterproof, which is the whole point of the 'for sensitive eyes' concept anyways. This makes it very easy to take off. It is however water resistant, I'm guessing (although it doesn't say that anywhere) because it doesn't immediately get all messy if a little water or eye drops get on them. 

I'm quite happy with this one. I like it better than the Maybelline Colossal Volume Express Mascara.

The only thing I don't like about it is that the outside of the tube gets messy. Refer to 2nd pic (See the messy black ring(s) at the top of the tube?)

Price of this mascara is Rs.455. Available at Lifestyle stores,Westside and Kunchal's (New Delhi)

Rating ~ ♥♥♥♥

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. loving the lashes after mascara, i reminds me of my HG bourjois mascara clubbing.

  2. I also got this one! :D It's an awesome mascara :D At first I thought, since it grasps lashes so lightly, that it would have huge fall out - but nothing of that :D <3 <3 Bourjois!

  3. I'm a contact lens wearer so I'm not too happy with my current mascara... I should check this out! :D

  4. wow your lashes are long after application! I still prefer waterproof mascara since my eyes get irritated quite fast and there will be tears

  5. Very nice review!
    I bought this mascara today only and tried it and loving it! The smell of this mascara is nice too.

    With love,

  6. you have amazing lashes too <3

  7. Very nice review!!Surely will try it out:)

  8. Wow... (that's all I have to say.. )


  9. Ive been looking for a really good Mascara.. Pls suggest me at least 2 good ones, hoping I'd get at least one of them from the stores around my place.

  10. @Aarthi~ My personal favs are: Bourjois Volume Clubbing & Max Factor False Lash Effect. These both have a big brush, which some might find a tad hard to handle. They give a lot of volume! Depends on what u want more - volume or length? U can check out Maybelline Define-a-lash if u want a smaller thinner brush. I have other favs, but they're not available in India. Let me know about yr preference.


  11. Bourjois mascara sounds exactly what I need.
    Guess its my next indulgence !

  12. Oh what a difference! Your lashes certainly look really long and thick with this mascara! xoxo

  13. Hey Cynthia.. Ill go for volume rather than length and I prefer small brush :)

  14. The 'after' pic says it all! Wow, amazing volume! I like it that it doesn't leave your lashes feeling stiff. :P

  15. really works,but i think without lash curlers it won't be that effective!please include infos abt some good but less pricey curlers.


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