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Inglot AMC Lip Paints

Have you tried Inglot AMC Lip Paints yet?
I have fallen for them. 

Available in 20 shades

I'm hoping to own at least 6 of these, because:
  • I find potted lip products very charming and irresistible
  • They smell indescribably good
  • Many beautiful shades to pick from
  • Paraben-free and not tested on animals
  • Very moisturizing, lustrous, and lasts a decent amount of time.
  • I personally think that it's better than Mac tinted lip conditioner (and cheaper too.) Burn!
  • I'm kinda BORED of MAC. Really.

Here is shade #66

The price of these went down from Rs.800 (or 820?) to Rs.720. Sigh! If only had waited.

More temptations.........

Lip Duo Lip Gloss

Lip Duo Lip Gloss Lip Paint

Inglot website is up now. Finally! Check out the rest of their products  ~ here

Happy Weekend!

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. I saw reviews of this earlier on some british blog and I was impressed ,they looked super pigmented and texture was great. It would be a lovely addition to anyones makeup collection and for rs 720? Wow looks great on your lips such a cute pink

  2. woohhooo..

    Thanks for the product update Cynth..looks drool already :-)

    girlies..looks like you all are in a campaign to make me empty my purse in delhi...LOL

  3. Wow I love the color you're wearing! Is it very pigmented or does it go on sheer?

  4. CZ Babes, I will have to drop to my knees & start praying now....

    Oh Lord! Give me the WISDOM to understand that I can't keep adding stuff to my want list endlessly, it is already a mile long; the PATIENCE to be able to wait until next month to go on my shopping spree; and the STRENGTH to resist all this sexy stuff that companies keep churning out..

  5. hahahha tanveer you're priceless!!
    thanks for mentioning this cynthia! i loove creamy things packed in little pots. i don't know, it just gives me a high! mac has serious competition from inglot. don't you find that they have brighter and more vivid shades? and no one can deny that the range is HUGE. i find these chubby pots cuter than mac's lip conditioners.

  6. @Tanveer ~ LOL ;D that's a good prayer. Believe me, it's high time I drop to my knees too! haha...

    @Rima ~ Me too! Mac really does have competition. Inglot shades are impressive

    @Fifi ~ It's quite pigmented

    @GGG ~ LOL...make it a trip to remember ;)

    @Sarah ~ Thanks. U'd like it i think


  7. Oh I want I want! Vex in the city has swatched a few if you want to see some more pics of these little bottles of love. x

  8. @Pinkalishy ~ Hey..Thanks for the info :)


  9. You're bored of MAC? *gasp* ;) That color looks gorgeous on you, sweetie. What a pretty, bubble gum pink!

  10. wow thats a pretty pink shade.
    pinks and nudes are becoming a fad in my country.
    i think i need to purchase some pinks.

  11. Oh my this stuff looks so good. :D My belief that Inglot is MAC's dupe is getting sronger by minute. :D Inglot is going to rock. Time to burn the pocket again. Good you didn't write this post yesterday, I was at Selct City walk and I would have come back home only with coins in my wallet. :D

    Tanveer: lol!!

  12. @Tanveer : Loved your prayer :-)

    shall we make it our beauty bloggers anthem or something??


  13. @SnC~ Yup...for now ;) Thanks!

    @Jing~ Pinks r always in girl =)

    @Rati~ LOL...I come back with only coins whenever I go to SCW ;P

    @GGG~ We should lol ;D


  14. So many colors to chose form :D Argh, me wants!

  15. i love the shade you picked!

  16. I have never heard of these before. They look soo cool!

  17. Hi dear friend!I love this post and pics♥

  18. super kewl! I had my eyes on these and am gona get my hands on these soon now :D love the color you got! I was tempted to get this gorgeous peachy terracotta color

  19. Why am I the lazy bug everytime u post something?

    LOL @ Tanvi's comment :) V r sailing on the same boat pls.....girls, dont make it any harder.......

    I dont mind if I cant have fun around, but I CANNOT take it if somebody is having fun around :(((

    I wish Inglot sends me all those wee tubs of gloss.........

  20. OMG !! these paints looks so delish .. I am already lemming for 60 and 64 :P

  21. Hey Cynthia!! I am back from my vocation! yay Girl! you got a new personal domain name!!! I'm loving the blog makeover! girl, I missed your lovely blog posts :)
    Ah! These lip paints are so appealing to eyes and lips too! xoxo

  22. I haven't tried these AMC lip paints Cynths but they sure look lovely. ^_^

    BTW, are you starting on youtube already? Please don't forget to update us so we can subscribe ^_^

  23. I finally found you! I remember you informing us of an impending change to your site, but hmm, did I miss the official launch announcement of Indian Vanity Case? Phew, I'm here, at last! Anyway, back to Inglot! Nope, haven't tried it. We haven't got it here, unfortunately! So sad..... :(

  24. @Witoxicity~ No no, no official launch of any sort. Hope it'll come to yr city as well

    @Ems~ Starting soon girl..thanks :)

    @Sonali~ Welcome back hun. Thanks...we missed u too!

    @Palak~ 60 n 64 r pretty shades


  25. @Divs~hey don't worry about it. I wish they send me too :P

    @Shifa~ Ya terracotta will suit u

    @Kata~Thanks :)

    @Popcorn n Maki~ Thanks

    @Shilka~ I want all! :P


  26. hey, thnx for bringing in such a website.we girls really needed this..cynthia doing a great job

  27. @Kopal~ Hey, thanks a lot. I'm happy u appreciate it



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