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Bourjois ~ New Launches

I'm guessing Bourjois Sweet Kiss Lipsticks (Reviews here and here ) are a big hit because they've now launched two distinctive clones of it.
Sweet Kiss lipsticks are my favorites so....Woohoo!!!

Sweet Kiss Reds

What they are :
Red is at the heart of a new collection Sweet Kiss ultra-fashionable!
Red fashion, timeless, custom-made or casual. All the reds in this collection are indispensable and easy to wear.

And always a formula to make one pass in an intense color in an ultra-light finish. Enriched with natural argan oil and vitamins E and C, the lips are soft and durably hydrated.

Sweet Kiss Shine

What it is:

A nourishing formula enriched with Monoi oil to moisturize. 

A light texture containing marine collagen to smooth lips.

Ultra-bright colors performed transparently.

Result: A smile sublimed with immediate comfort and hydration for 8 hours.

Delicious wet shine in 8 glossy shades. Greedy much?!

Beige Lumineux 58, Rose Etincelant 59, Framboise Petillant 70, Prune Eblouissant 72, Rose Scintillant 73, Juicy Tangerine 74

I scream.

You scream.

Okay, now let's calm down and wait for them.

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. Awesome packaging..looks very chic.

    **wonders Will I find my HG red in this series??**

  2. wow loving the look of these :)

  3. looks like there's a red for for everyone in there

  4. The packaging is really something. I think I saw them lippies at the store the other day. I didn't get a closer look though. Oops! :P

  5. I am liking Rose Etincelant 59, Framboise Petillant a lot.

  6. Hi Cynths, this post got me excited on my haul. Yes yes I'm waiting for my Bourjois makeup haul yay ^_^. From the 8 lippies in your post, I like Beige Lumineux 58 and Rose Scintillant 73. ^_^.

    Happy weekend Cynths. ^_^

  7. And I forgot to comment on your new blog layout, I like it !!! It's sooo feminine, I love the pastel pink theme. ^_^

  8. ahh .. you got me lemming once again . I am yet to locate a bourjois counter near my place *sigh*

  9. palak, are you the one who stays in janakpuri? there's a bourjois counter at lifestyle, city square.

  10. Nice packaging, the shades are nice too!xoxo

  11. @rima - na na .. I stay near DU .. not janakpuri , babes !
    Thanks for tellin :)


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