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Lush Porridge Soap (Rs.427.80) aka 'Product of the Week'
When I saw this, it was love at first sight. I just had to have it (eat it too =))
What Lush says ~ When you're in a rush on those early mornings you may consider eating breakfast in the shower (I wish they meant this ) 
This deliciously nutritious soap is made of fresh organic orange juice and real oats, making it a cleansing and exfoliating multi-tasker. 
When I'm rubbing it on my skin, I feel like I'm using a flaky and creamy version of a pumice stone. Make that a baked one. It doesn't dry out my skin, so I don't necessarily need to apply moisturizer afterwards. It does not smell "Yum" but it's definitely not "Eew! Lush is nauseating!" either.Yes I will buy this again. Now I need to go use it! *taking off clothes*

Mac Volcanic Ash Exfoliator (Rs.1380)
Oh my gosh! I love love love this! It makes me look like I've just come out of a coal mine but it's all worth it. My face just feels so clean  and smooth after using it. It smells like charcoal and has tiny sugar beads too which is why it has sort of a "busy" feel. When it come to exfoliators, I say the more the merrier.

Etude House Magic Tint Balm
This tinted lip balm looks like it's flavored, but it's not. Sometimes it's nice to not have strawberry, raspberry or vanilla flavored balms on your lips all the time. It is thicker than most lip balms but not sticky. It lasts longer too and the color is so delish!

Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Face Mask (Rs.995)
I rarely need to use this mask but now I have to because it'll expire in July. But I wouldn't have known that if I hadn't got some annoying pimples on my face recently. "Thank you pimples!" 
I will definitely repurchase this.

Herbal Essences Dangerously Straight Range
My hair right now is half chemically straightened and half naturally wavy (in other words, painfully unmanageable!) So these three make it fall better, softer and shinier.

Maybelline Line Stylist Lip Liner ~ Coffee (Rs.280)
This lip liner is a tad darker than my natural lip color. I like to use it all over my lips. Alone or under a sheer lippie.

Azzaro Pink Tonic
I find myself reaching for this perfume most of the time these days because the scent is "wintery" but not the overpowering kind. The 
snowman-shaped bottle also
reminds me of  Christmas (Come back!)

Nail Art Crystals

I bought these off Ebay a while back but haven't really used them much but now I like to play around with them. I know that's not the most creative design up there, but it's easy to do and I did get compliments from a lot of people, so it's okay to be lazy =)

♥ Cynthia Z ^_^



  1. Great post hon!!
    Was wondering did u buy etude house balm online or sumwhere local?? I have been eyeing their BB cream from sumtime.

  2. I like the nail crystals idea. That colour of polish looks good on your hand :-)

  3. Porridge soap is one of my faves as well.
    Lovely post!

  4. LOVE UR HAUL! ooops did i say haul?


    review on MAC exfoliator, plssssssssssssss

  5. Great haul sweetie! Isn't the volcanic ash exfoliator AMAZING? Yes, yes it is ;) I use mine religiously twice a week.

  6. Thanks for the porridge soap review. :)I think I must get my hands on the ash exfoliator. Heard enough and enough about it now. :P

    I love these collective products posts. :)

  7. @Sarah..I bought it from Malaysia. No EH in India :(

  8. @Rati...then u must hurry coz there was only 1 left in Select City the day i bought it. It's a limited edition. Good luck! ;)

  9. Lovely list! I'll have to try out porridge!

  10. love the exfoliators you got hun! I soo need to try the Mac one as well as the lush one :D

  11. nice loves!! i really like the mac volcanic exfoliator as well, makes my skin so soft!

  12. i really want to try at least one item from lush. ill try before the end of this week. maybe some hand lotion, do they have that?

    by the way, i love this post! skin care and makeup and nails and perfume.

  13. Wow !! great haul !

    and the porridge soap looks amazing , I have been eyeing this sinnce LONG time !
    Thanks for the review :))

  14. I missed out on the MAC exfoliator. *cries* Lucky girl! Thank you for sharing your current loves with us. I love these kinds of posts. =D

  15. Hey. I absolutely LOVEEEEEEEEE the porridge soap from lush. I just picked it up randomly and feel in love. I have really dry skin, especially on my arms. I live in Calgary, which is probably the driest city in the world. This soap is a must have. xx

  16. MAc warm and cozy collection is in stores, btw. :)

  17. Hi Cynthia!
    The palette is 52 US dollars. It's a bit pricey, but worth the money because you get a lot of product!
    I will try and do a swatch at least of the gaga l/s. It's very hard for me to do closeups with my camera though, but i'll see what I can do!

  18. Hello Cynthia! Etude House Magic Tint Balm looks cute!

    Thanks for the nice feedback on my tutorial =D

  19. The porridge soap looks interesting.

  20. i've used the Tea Tree Oil Mask for the longest time too. it works great on my pimples! but now i've discovered the Queen Helene Mint Julep mask and i prefer that more since it comes in a squeeze-tube. the packaging is just more user friendly. but both work great! nice haul :D xx

  21. That snowman has got to be too cute to be a perfume bottle! :D Ooh, I love those nail art crystals (I haven't tried these before). Sometimes, the simpler the better. I really like how you did your nails. :) Hope you're having a good weekend.

  22. the MAC volcanic ash looks awesome~ <3

    I will have to check it out soon. hehehe
    sigh* all the things we make up just for the SAs to leave us alone. hahaha Yes you should get the GAGA lipstick~ :P hehehe

    The Etude House Lip Balm does look so delish. Yummmmm........

  23. Lovely lovely haul ^_^ And those nail arts look so gorgeous. ^_^. I've been reading good feedback about the MAC volcanic ash ^_^

    I'll update you on the Maybelline Dream Matte Powder, so far so good. ^_^

  24. This blog is an education for me!

    I must learn the ropes of makeup. Thanks for sharing :)

  25. hey Cynthia... just saw the herbal essences range in this post.... i love straight hai... can you please tell me where i can find herbal essences products in delhi and their cost....
    thanku.... xoxo

    I use their shampoo and conditioners
    Does anyone know where can i get the LEAVE IN?

  27. Anonymous~ U can find them in Gk M block n some other markets too. Shampoo cost about 179, conditioner the same I think.

    Gia~ I guess u can find it in some supermarkets


  28. OMG!...reading ur bog is like risking ur wallet!!...hahah...its xam time n i sit here reading this awesome blog!!...<3

  29. anonymous- LOL! aww...thanks, and best of luck for ye exam :)


  30. waaah I love TBs tea tree range too!


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