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♥ Merry Christmas Everyone ♥

Face ~
  • MUFE HD Foundation
  • YSL Touche Eclat
  • Maybelline Expert Loose Powder
  • MAC Dsquared2 Sculp and Shape powder ~ Bone Beige Emphasize 
  • Nars Orgasm
  • MAC Cream Color Base
Eyes ~
  • 120 Palette ~ Vanilla, Browns, coppers and black
  • Elianto half lashes
  • Maybelline Volume Express Hyper Curl Mascara
Lips ~ Bourjois Lip Tint in Rose Pixel, lip balm

Make-up inspired by ~

May this Christmas bring you joy and everything you wish for...

Cynthia Z ^_^



  1. This look is soooo gorgeous, my dear!! I love how the photos were taken and that Bourjois lip colour is so striking!

    Have a lovely Christmas! :D

  2. You look so pretty! And great minds must think alike because This is how my makeup looks today as well =) I plan on wearing the red lips for the next few days. Merry Christmas!

  3. @Witoxicity..thanks dear :)

    @Beautygirl24...thanks n same pinch :) I'm also probably going for reds more this holiday season


  4. thank you so much cynthia<3 really happy to have a new comment of you :)
    ohhh you look absolutely gorgeous on these new pictures, i love the colour of your lipstick^^
    Merry Christmas!!! i wish you all the best :) it isn't the 25th in France yet but where you live it is :)

  5. Look at you hun! So preety :)
    The lips look lovely in the pics and so does the eyeshadows. The touche eclat does make your skin illuminate :)

  6. i love your holiday absolutely gorgeous!!!! you are definitely a sexy santa hehe Merry Christmas

    *hugs and kisses*


  7. You look just gorgeous. I've been on your blog before, but never saw pictures of you like this. You're hot, girl!


  8. cynthia! merry christmas to you!!!

    gosh!!! you are gorgeous!
    you should do more fotds!

  9. baby bunny, merry xmas...

    luk ravishing :)

  10. whoa .. U look so smashin in these pics !!
    really , ua skin looks flawless *touch wood* :)

    enjoy :)))

  11. *aww~ ur such a cutie! and ur face is so flawless~

    ♥♥♥ Merry Christmas! ♥♥♥

  12. Merry Christmas to you too Sweez. :)

  13. Merry Christmas Cynthia!! aw you look so gorgeous with red lips <3 lol whenever I wore red lipstick I'd look like an 8 years old girl who stole mom's lipstick xD

    Have a great great and beautiful holiday!

  14. You are sooo gorgeous!!!xxx

    Merry Christmas!!x

  15. Hey Cynthia! Merry Christmas to you hun! You look stunning, darling! xoxo

  16. awww u look gorgeous honey! i love ur little blog...keep it up!
    could u do an updated skin routine thing? ur glowing (touchwood) :-)

  17. Merry Christmas Cynthia! You look so gorgeous!

  18. Dear..U r rocking in that red..n luk stunning.. :)
    I always end up looking like a sl*t whenever I pick Red lipstick.. lol

    n Merry Christmas.. :)

  19. You are absolutely grogeous hun!! You look like Catherine Zeta Jones ... but hotter!!! hehe
    Thanks for the Xmas wishes in this post .. so beautiful!! All the best for the New Year!!

  20. WOW you're very pretty girl ^_^. I love this FOTD ^_^. You look a lot like my fave actress before, Shannen Doherty :)

  21. Cynthia,

    So pretty your Chrismas pictures!I get the image from your mind in Beverly Hills,a of beautiful Brenda :)

    I hope you a lovelys new year!


  22. Cynthia, luks like u disappeared! Happy n prosperous new year to u and ur family as well, my dear!

    c u soon!

  23. Thanks so much for your sweet comments
    Lol at Catherine Zeta n Shannon Doherty :D first time I'm being compared to them..thanks all..:)

  24. Those rosy lips look awesome :D You always inspire me to wear brighter lip colors :D

  25. @Anonymous...aww..thanks..i don't think my skin is flawless.. But i will do a skincare routine post someday soon

  26. Compliments of the season to u too Cynthia :)


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