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For Kristie ~ Winner of my 'Lucky #22 Giveaway'

I know...I know...I'm so damn late with this. SORRY!
So, as promised, here are the pictures of the 'extra prize' that I took so long to be done with.

What is it???

It's a Make-up Brush Roll!

I only designed this and didn't stitch it myself, for quality's sake.
I just made the bow and the hanging thingy.

10 rows ~ for 10 make-up brushes
2 zipped compartments ~ For eyedrops, tweezers, Q-tips, and other little things.

This is the first time I ever designed a brush roll so it may not be the ideal brush bag

♥ Made of taffeta ~ With sheer ruffle trims adorned with a satin bow ♥

I still need to make the bow perfect before I send

The other prizes ~

Bourjois Bonne Mine Blush & Shu Uemura Under Lashes

I hope these prizes travel from India to America safely and hope Kristie likes them!! :)

As you can see my followers have crossed a 100, but I'm waiting for it to reach another number that means something to me to host a 'Giveaway' =) 
LOL, me and my magical numbers.

♥ Cynthia Z ^_^



  1. Such adorable clutches, Cynthia. :) Where do you buy makeup brushes from? I ended up buying so many useless local brushes and instead of saving money I ended up wasting it. I finally went to Mac tody but they were out of stock for all the brushes that I wanted.

  2. Thanks Shifa :)

    @Rati...Most of my brushes are Vega...they are pretty good too.


  3. The brush roll is so pretty!! I have no crafting skills you did a wonderful job!

  4. cool brush roll!!!!
    so pretty, love the colours!

  5. That's such a cute make-up bag, I can't believe you designed it. .. Wish I won it :p

  6. *awwww~ it's soo adorable! i LOVE it! thanks so much. it's so sweet of you. especially that you added your own personal touch. you did a great job! i'm so excited :)

  7. wow..dear..thats really fantastic and pretty..
    And im pretty surprised that U've designed it..
    I really like things that are made my selves..

    Can i ask u a favour..can i know its design pattern..only if im not asking more.. :)

    n hey..congrats Kristie..

  8. Hey Belle thanks...i've written it in the post again. I had written it then deleted it by mistake I think.

    Thanks all :)

    @Kristie...I had fun making it girl..can't wait for them to reach u!

  9. Yes I also like Vega brushes but they have just one eyeshaow brush in their whole range, which I am not too comfrtable with. :) Anyway, Thanks. :)

  10. Hi Cynthia! Thanks for your comment on my hair evolution post (=

    I wish I could keep my hair red, too, but it keeps fading. Maybe I will try it once again, but no bleaching this time!

  11. That is one super cute makeup brush roll, Cynthia! The big bow is my favorite part. :) Great job! Congrats on hitting 100+ followers, sweetie.

  12. So cute! I love the black bow motif :)

  13. ♥Cynthia♥

    That is ocute makeup brush roll.I love this colour too:)it is a pleasure to know you!

    Today, I preparing for Christmas, even we go Chrismas my husband parents in
    the home.We dears mothers fighting almost go either way, but rotate them;)

    Happy Chrismas you!


  14. Hey Girlie! you have blown me away with your creativity! its is simply adorable! love the bow detailing and its pink! so girly and cute!

    lucky winner!

  15. wow !!
    u truly showed yer skills in it , Miss designer !!
    really , it looks so pretty .. love it
    lucky kristie :))

  16. looks pretty! congrats to kristie! great job girl!


  17. I love it !!! Congratz to the winner, amazing giveaway :)


  18. Woops, I'm kinda late with this. Sorry!

    Wow, I love how you've designed the brush roll! To call it pretty would be an understatement. Both the inside and outside details are fantastic! :D So cool!


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