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Colorbar Nail Lacquer ~ Essie Dupes ~ Mint/Jade Nails

Colorbar Nail Lacquer swatches (2 coats)
From left to right: Top Coat, French White, Pink, Jade/Mint, Hot Pink
(I wish they had proper cutesy names.)

I really like the quality of these Colorbar nail lacquers. They have a nice sheen and dry in a jiffy.
Priced at Rs.125, I think they are much better than Revlon nail polishes (why's their quality bad in India??) and without a doubt better than Lakme nail polishes - in both quality and price.

Bourjois 1 Seconde ~ Perfect fan brush

Jade and mint nail paints are so the rage nowadays, that I see most beauty bloggers gush over Essie 'Mint Candy Apple' (Hello Amynaree!!^o^)

As there's no Essie in India, let's just hope the next best things will suffice.

Colorbar & Bourjois
Which one looks more like Essie 'Mint Candy Apple'?

Yes I do know that Essie 'MCA' is lighter but "a dupe is a dupe" right? :)

So, tell me, don't you think Colorbar nail lacquers look 'kinda' similar to these Essie ones? Umm...a tad? LOL...

DBA ^_^



  1. Hey! I haven't heard of this brand before, yah, packaging wise these look very similar to the Essie ones! I'm loving the shades in pink and mint, oh I so wanna try out this brand! where do they sell?

  2. Although I am a big fan of colorbar but I guess they are juct copying everyone around. Their blush- Trace Gold is Mac's trace Gold Copy. Same goes with expensive pink and alike eye shadows. Who cares actually? I guess colorbar is far better than Lakme and many other brands around.

    These days all these bright colours are so much in. I love the hot pink one the most and keep mixing and matching it with other colours. :)

  3. Sonali I don't know which countries Colorbar is available in. I read that it's a division of Revlon..but thats all i know

  4. @Rati..yup who cares! As long as they're cheaper too :P

  5. so defo a dupe sweety!

    It looks lovely on your elegant nails :)


  6. Nice dupes :) Have a luk at Peppermint patti from MAC and Mint green/spring green from Barry M. Ignore if you already knew...

    call me whatever :) dont mind! thanx for the post, hun :)

  7. AHHHHH I love the green one!! Neverheard of colorbar before but damn they have some nice colours there.
    Your hands are so nice! If only i had long nails >< buuuu

  8. Hi Cynthia!

    Thanks for the mint candy apple shout out hehe

    I think the color bar one looks more like mint candy apple!! regardless they are both really cute shades!!! i really want to try chanel jade as well

  9. Hey! Great post! Really enjoyed reading it... and thks for the mint/jade dupes.. I have been looking for one since quite some time, but frankly never got the time to actually get down to doing it.. Really liking the mint & fuchsia pink on yr nails.. pretty, pretty..

  10. OMG, what a coincidence that we've both featured the same nail colour on the same day! Ha ha! Too funny!

    I too have never heard of ColorBar before. I have a couple of the Bourjois 1 Seconde ones, but I've never seen it in this mint green colour before.

    Seeing that montage of celebrities with this nail colour, I must say that it goes very well with a black outfit!

    Have a lovely day! :)

  11. Dupe or not, I really love the colors. Look so pretty ^_^

  12. I think a hell lotta ppl read yr post, coz i went to get this shade yesterday.. & colorbar counter had run outta it.. They had all the shades except the jade one.. :D

  13. I've never heard of Colorbar before but it looks really similar! I love the hot pink color you have~ sooo pretty :)

  14. I've never known that Bourjois HAS nail polishes!
    I love the jade color but there's no way I'm gonna wear it. I'm just not bright nails kinda girl.

    Thanks for the comment hun, I feel loved (and yes me love those earrings too! haha)

  15. WOW !! thew color looks so good
    I maybe getting jade color
    Thax for the informative post :)

  16. so beautiful pastel colours; this kind of colours are my favourite ones^^ suits your nails so well^^

  17. Gorgeous colours, I think they're quite good dupes for the Essie ones! I bought a mint green nail polish the other day, I've still to try it but I hope it's a good dupe for Mint Candy Apple. I think it's so pretty!

  18. Buy Essie and China Glaze now in india :)


    China Glaze:


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