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What I'm Thankful For....

My all-time favorites ~ straight out of my random mind....

'Tweezers' (Need I say more?)

DarlingsBourjois Effet 4D Lipgloss

MUFE HD Foundation (It really is invisible ♥)


Coconuts (I everything made with coconuts)

Body Shop Body Butters

Maybelline Angelfit 2-way Cake Foundation

Garnier Pimple Pen

Ear Pick (Love to clean my ears) =)

Mascara Guard

Mac Plushglass

All my favorite Palmolive products posing together, how weird is that?! The one below couldn't make it to the photo shoot that day so...

it had to pose alone =)

L'oreal Hair Spa (It's the best! Smells so... mmm...)

Himalaya Pain Massage Oil

BF 120 Eyeshadow Palette

Benefit 'Coralista' Blush

Cute n 'Hippo' Loofah *.*

KNOCKOUT Pepper Spray. I feel safer in Delhi with this in my handbag. Bring it on perverts!!!

I get up in the middle of the night for these ;)

Okay, now I'm thinking the list could go on forever and quite pointless. So better post coming up.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! =)

DBA ^_^


  1. U want all these or u have all? I dont get u, sorry Cynthia. List is never ending I guess :)

    I have a doubt, how much does a MAC lipstick cost in INR? Sorry, but pls let me know. Hope u dont mind my stupid questions

  2. LOL Divija..these are just my fav things I'm thankful for coz I love them :)
    The last Mac lipstick i bought was cremesheen-lickable n it was Rs.920.
    I don't mind yr ? at all..I like beauty related questions ^_^

  3. You listed great items here. And I agree...Ferrero Rocher is sooo good! You have some things in your list that I like too (coconuts and the body butters...)

  4. great list!! don't think I can live w/out tweezers either and I love everything coconut too especially fresh coconut juice

  5. yes tweezers are the next best thing after sliced bread =)

    and whats that mascara guard? Never heard of that before!

  6. Happy Thanksgiving! <3 Nice list~ My mom LOVES those Ferrero Rocher chocolates too!

  7. Wow I love your lists ^_^. I'm checking out some hehe ^_^

  8. Hey, nice list... that mascara guard is very intriguing.. wld like to hear a bit more about it.

  9. Hi girls..thanks for the comments. Mascara guard is to prevent mascara from getting on to the lids while applying :)

  10. Hey! Happy Thanksgiving! Lovely post :) twizeers, bodyshop bodybutter and Ferrero Rocher chocolates are the absolute must-have things for me xoxo

  11. hi c, saw ur msg morning, but forgot to reply. thanq for the info. guess its cheaper in india :) its 14 pounds, i guess

    i want to like himalaya, but tat doesnt happen for some reason LOL

    thnq for the comments :)

  12. Aww. Cute list. I love coconuts too :)

    And you do use mascara guard? I've seen it before on a department store here, wanted to pick it up but I'm a lazy bum so I probably won't use it anyway. Lol.

  13. i loooovvveeeeeeeeee ferrero chocolate =)

    and ow... i am a pepper spray owner too! haha!

    we belong to the group of tough ass chicks!

  14. @Fifi..I use it when I'm feeling clumsy n have a feeling that I'll end up smudging mascara all over n spoil my eyeshadow :) i hope I'm a tough ass chick...haha :D

  15. Hi Cynthia! How's the L'oreal Hair Spa? I would really want a tad change on my Christmas list. Like hair products for once! Lol. By the way, I would like to tell you, that you have an awesome blog. I hope to see more entries from you! :)


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