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Beauty Tips I Learnt a Long ~ Long Time Ago

Growing up in a small town in North-East India called 'Shillong', I used to love hearing stories that go way back. Like most people from my hometown, I believe in some 'Old People's Sayings' and 'Old Wives' Tales'
So, I just want to share some tit bits I learnt when I was a kid.

***You'll need that pinch of salt before reading the rest.

For long... long... hair

How? Braid your hair before going to bed. Tie the end with a band and then a piece of ribbon on top. Make sure one end of the ribbon is a few inches longer than the end of your braided hair. Supposedly the hair will follow the ribbon! Maybe hair is just competitive and wants to win the race, I don't know.
Tip from ~ My childhood friend's old housekeeper, whose daughter had ~long~ hair past her waistline.

For Soft & Smooth Lips

What to do? Put a drop of mustard oil in your belly button before sleeping.
It WORKS! I think any oil works though, because every time I apply Bio Oil or BS Monoi Miracle Oil on my whole body (including belly button) , I don't reach for my lip balms every 10 minutes anymore.

For Shiny Nails

What You need? A brick!
How I know this ~ When I was a kid, I used to love playing with bricks that were lying around my house. I don't know how I thought of it, but I used to rub the powder from the broken ones on my nails using the sides of my palms (where the pinky is.) It made them very very shiny and smooth!!! I haven't done that again since then, but I'm telling you, even buffers have never made my nails so shiny like the brick powder.
**Rubbing too much could make your nails thinner though.

What they applied all over me when I was a baby

Mustard oil with sliced garlic fried till golden brown and crispy in it. Mustard oil is warming and garlic has anti-bacterial properties, so the combination prevents babies from catching colds and infections. Where I come from, most people use this on their babies after bathing them. In fact, some of them still do even today. Not so much a beauty tip, but I thought it's worth a mention :)

To Lighten, Clean and Exfoliate Skin

What you need : A Pumice Stone
I don't mean the textured ones you find in the market. I'm talking about the natural and smooth ones you find near the rivers and caves. Personally, I really do prefer using these, because the textured ones scrape and hurt my skin.
Years & years ago: My mom went to a well-known homeopathy doctor because of the melasma/hyperpigmentation that covered her face. He told her that the best way to remove it is to use a pumice stone once a week to exfoliate it. The doctor died one week later!!! :O
Mom took it to be a valuable advice since, you know, he died soon after. And yes, she still uses a pumice stone and her face has really really improved.
***A little superstition: Some say that most of these rivers are haunted, so when you take these stones home, a part of the place and all the 'eerie' things come along with the them *shudders*
So you need to drop a few coins/pennies in the river, as a way to give something in return. What? That's what they say!

That's all for now peeps.
Will post some more later.

DBA ^_^



  1. oh cynthia ,thats the most interesting piece I ve heard recently !!

    even my mum used to massage me mustard oil with garlic ,wen I ws kid
    I blv most of the tips yu mentioned are exclusive to India .
    great article tho :)

  2. maybe guys should sleep with a shorter ribbon so their hair do not grow.. :-)

  3. @Palak...thanks..I'm happy u found it interesting girl..n yes only we Indians can come up with these weird things lol :D

    @Clipped in(?) that'll work too :)

  4. Lol this is a really cool post. When I was little my old housekeeper told me not cut my noodles before I eat it because then I won't live a long life. Haha.

    Oooh I've actually heard about the haunted rivers thing! In Indonesia we got a lot of superstitious stuffs too. Lol, it's just "asian" thing I guess.

  5. Hey! thanks for the tips hun! Even I put oil in my belly button everynight and it really works in keeping my lips smooth and soft! xoxo

  6. The best ever heard :) tnx a lot, buddy

  7. the pumice stone process, we call that "HILOD" here in the Philippines...

    I did not read about the long hair story, i just scrolled down too fast! haha!
    the kitchen is downstairs, and it is 3 in the morning here! im afraid that something might show up in front of me at the stairs! haha!

    ill come back when i wake up to read about that story!


  8. great tips! the belly button one sounds interesting, I need to try it because my lips are chapped 24/7!

  9. OOh interesting! Thanks for sharing. The ribbon and hair tip caught my attention.

  10. thanks for the tips^^ these were very interesting! i'm going to try the oil on my belly button thing :)

  11. lol what a cool blog post, thoroughly enjoyed reading it, although im quite sceptical about the tips.xx

  12. LOL ! Such fun things ! I love these tales ! And for the most part they are very very good ! My mom asks us to apply a bit of oil into the belly button to reduce body heat. I use castor oil - it helps a lot ! She also told me about braiding hair before sleepin at night. Not the ribbon tale but apparently braiding helps strengthen and lengthen ! Tell me more !!

  13. Gosh! how could I forget the belly button tip? I have been going mad about my chapped lips from past one month and I forgot this age old tiny tip. Thanks for the reminder, Cynthia. :)

  14. OOo I love legends like the river tale hehehe
    My cousin told me to tie up my hair during the day too to get my hair to grow longer ^^

  15. Thank you Cynthia! And thank you for reading my blog too ;)

  16. Hi Cynthia! Thanks for following and commenting on my little blog! :D I love your post b/c it's always fun to learn about other cultures. The hair one? So trying that. ;)

  17. Hi Cynthia, This is an awesome post! It's both interesting and funny (in a good way!). Mustard oil in belly button....I really could do with a remedy for chapped lips! And the brick for shiny nails - too cool. Ha ha! Thanks for these tips! :)

  18. what a cool post! the hair one sounds great! do you have one to gain more volume as well? :P


  19. Thanks for sharing! I absolutely love little tips like that ^^

    You should definitely try Maybelline Lash Stiletto mascara. It works wonder on my short and sparse lashes! I think this will be the only mascara I will repurchase again and agian.

  20. Wow! These are some really interesting tips and actually some new ones! It's always great to hear original ideas that have been passed on from women throughout the years!
    Linda for Ouidad

  21. i really enjoyed this post , and i wanted to share that my dadi maa (grand mother)used brick as pumice rock for dead skin around her feet ad it always worked , she had such soft feet..

  22. hey cynthia..gud job wit the blog!!♥ jus learnt bout ur shillong connection,i was wondering whethr u wee from NE.. keep up d gud work ..

  23. what is the very effective ,result oriented home remedy for tighting the face , for sagging skin please help me

  24. very interesting tips..loving your have a very firm skin..can i ask how do you take care of it if you dont mind me asking..thanks

  25. OOh interesting! Thanks for sharing. The ribbon and hair tip caught my attention.


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