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Make-up Mistakes- That Has Got To STOP!

I bet you've read hundreds of articles like these before, but I wanted to write my own version in here because I'm just not blunt enough to say it to some people's faces.


  • Eyeliner/kajal smudges around the eyes. Hello, Raccoon.
  • Goop in the inner corners of the eyes. Remember how grossed out Chandler Bing was by the 'mascara goop' in FRIENDS?
  • Space between the lash line and eyeliner.
  • Spidery tarantula-like eyelashes.
  • Eyebrows- Over-darkened and/or over-tweezed.
  • Contact lenses that do NOT suit ones skin tone.

    • Slathering lipstick on dry chappy lips.
    • Lip gloss that gathers up in the corners of the mouth. It looks like you- know-what.
    • Lip liner that is darker than the lip color.
    • Wearing a dark lip color when lips are already darkly pigmented (I'm talking about unnatural pigmentation of the lips here- the almost blackish kinds.) 


    • Wrong foundation and powder color. Okay, this has been said too many times and the most unoriginal of all. I don't even want to mention it but..... Sigh. (And also because I want to fill up my post) :)
    • Applying blush right up to your eyes and too near to the nose. Too much of it is also a no-no.
    • Too much bronzer. Even 'The Sun' wouldn't want to take credit for that.
    • Excess highlighter and glitter.
    I think I'm forgetting some more. Please feel free to remind me.

    DBA ^_^



      1. That was a really helpful post. having pictures for each skin tone was a great idea. =)

      2. hey Tiptoe21..
        thanx :)
        Btw...u left yr comment in a different post.. lol! But never's all good :)

      3. Hi Cynthia! I hope you don't mind but I have this category called, "Blog Entries I love" and I hope you will allow me to re-post this on my blog. :)

        I know make-up mistakes has got to stop! :)

      4. I love this post. It's a great summary of the no-nos. Thanks to M :) for referring me to this post!

        I can't say I'm without guilt myself (just a couple of them). Spidery lashes - I sometimes blame it on the bad mascara. :D Dark-ish lip colour - just being adventurous once in a while. Ha ha!

      5. hahahahaha~! :D great post~! :D

        will follow you now :D

      6. That's an interesting post. It actually made me laugh (=

      7. guilty guilty and guilty! But here is my defense:
        1. My lips are dry and chapped despite doing everything under the sun to unchap it, but on some days, we chapped lip types just like wearing lots of lipstick :D
        2. I am BAD with brushes of any kind (paint brushes or make -up brushes)so end up putting too much or too little of blush or bronzer, intend to put it on the cheeks, it ends up on the nose...this might also be because of
        3. AWFUL eye-hand co-ordination - which might also explain the gap between the eyeliner and the lashline, and the reason I suck at ping-pong and badminton :(

        What to do Cynthia - all of us are not as talented as you - but we are trying to get there - one blog tip at a time :)

        Actually, why don't you write a post for people like me whose hands have a mind of their own when it comes to putting make-up :D

        1. Haha...Oh I completely understand! Makeup needs a lot of practice, and even professionals can make mistakes sometimes.

          I will think of something & write up some tips for you :)


        2. I am still waiting for you post on "beauty tips for people with bad eye-hand coordination"


        3. I am still waiting for your blogpost on "make up tips for people with bad eye-hand coordination" hehehehe


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      Thank you for reading! :)