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Guerlain Rouge G Lipstick Review

If you read this: you'll know how much I've been craving this lipstick. And now I'm holding it! *she grins*
I got #63 Guilette, which is a vivid golden pink:

The lipstick is made with shimmering ruby powder. Honestly, there's nothing extraordinary about it, but nothing to dislike about it either. I think most people (me included) buy it  for the case and don't care much about what's inside.
The Parisian case is fabulous and quite heavy. If you are a klutzy "dropper" or you just like your stuff to look as good as new always, it's better to keep the case inside the box that comes with it at all times, even in your handbag. You wouldn't want any scratches on the fancy little thing because: (1) The case would still make a cool handbag accessory even after you've used up the lipstick; and (2) It's bloody expensive!!!
Bought it for RM 158.00 (Rs.2212.00, $45.00)
Love it, but this is for sure a one-time buy, unless...nah...yeah one-time ;)


  1. thanks for the review^^ i've been eyeing this lipstick for a while. the color is quite pretty on you :)

  2. I love such peachy colors. They always compliment Asian skin tones well =)Looks fantastic on you hun! The packgaging I lovee! The price I dont :( hehe

  3. @Shifa..thank u gawjus. I know everything is fab except for the price :)

  4. oh this is absolutely a show stopper,and look fab on you.. can u suggest a similar color in either Maybelline,colorbar or L'Oreal..


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