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Garnier Aqua Defense Review

This range is made with grape water, apple water and natural vitamin E. I think it is Garnier's best so far, in my opinion.
These are the 3 products I'm using:

Non stop moisturizing Gel Cream & Non stop intensive moisturizing Essence (It's almost finished T_T )

These two are quite similar, except that the gel cream is creamier and thicker. But if I had to pick just one out of the two, I'd pick the Essence. I absolutely ♥ it! Here's why-->

  •  It's light juicy texture soothes, cools and hydrates my skin after cleansing like no other product I've used. I can almost hear my skin saying "Thank you" :)
  • Enough said.
I only hope they launch this range in India too, because the Essence is becoming my holy grail "right after cleansing" product. Actually, I thought of buying two jars of the essence instead of the cream at first, but decided to make a wiser decision. NOT!!!
Don't get me wrong, the cream is nice too. It's just that I've fallen in ♥ with the essence.

Eye Roll-on - It feels good to roll a cooling ball around my sensitive eyes that always sting, but that feeling doesn't last for long. I can live without it, to be honest. Because, apart from moisturizing my eyes and cooling them for a minute, I don't see any difference in their appearance.

***DO try the Essence girls and boys ('coz it feels good after shaving too.) I bet you'll love it!



  1. thanks for reviewing this product line Cynthia!! :) i'm so tempted to try out the essence! i'm currently using Dr. Ci: Labo's aqua collagen gel. but it is pretty expensive. would say.. 4x the price of garniers!!

  2. thanks for the reviews~ just by the pictures, the cream and essence look so soothing!

  3. @ pchan...u should definitely try it. Omg! this Dr.Ci gel sounds v expensive...will have a look see at it on the net ;)

  4. @ kuri..yup they're really soothing, especially on my autumn dry skin

  5. you can get Dr.Ci: Labo's aqua collagen gel from :)oh! if you ever need to repurchase the garnier stuff, i'm more than happy to help you out! :D

  6. Aww...pchan...that's sooo... sweet of u!!! I'll surely keep that in mind. I've always wished I had some1 to send me stuff that r unavailable in India. Thank u so much for offering to help out. Will let u know :)
    And if u want anything from India ever..LOL...u know like Ayurveda stuff..;)

    ♥♥♥ HugsXX.

  7. Hi! I LOVE Garnier skincare products, but I've never heard about this range before. Is it new? Maybe it's just not available where I live yet. But it definately looks nice!

    Oh, I'm following your blog, by the way (=


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