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MINISO Haul ~ August 2023

Do we love Miniso, or do we LOVE MINISO?

Miniso India has started keeping interesting stuff again since after Covid time. There was a phase when I was seeing the same things every time I visited their stores. Now the vibe is different - there are new keychains... and dish cleansing sponges.... and cat paw laundry clips I don't need but bought anyway.

We Bare Bears Hook Crochets
We Bare Bears Tissues 3 pack set
Cat Paw Series Laundry Clips
Cleansing Sponge
Dishcloth, set of 4
Acrylic Let's Go On A Safari Keychains x 2
Hello Kitty Keychain
Winnie The Pooh Keychain
Mini Family Toothbrush Set
Vented Hair Brush
Korean Style Golden Silk Rubber Bands 12 pcs

Hope you got a wishlist out of this post ;)

Sorry, I just couldn't be bothered to note down the prices. But they're all under ₹200-₹300


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