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The MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick That I Used Up The Fastest!

By "Fastest", I mean within 2 months! Maybe 1 month, even.

One reason is, it's an everyday pink shade. Plus, it's lightweight and tasty & totally addictive. 
I used it as a blush & eyeshadow base quite often, too.

MAC Powder Kiss Lipsticks are my absolute favourite lipsticks; there's nothing I dislike about them - except....EXCEPT their price tag, especially now that it's been hiked to ₹2200 (Launch Price was ₹1650)

So far, I've only used 5 shades -- all bought at launch price upto ₹1850, if I'm not mistaken.

The one I used up is  'Sultriness'. Described as Baby Blue Pink.

It might look a little similar to MAC Matte Lipstick Please Me, but they're very different. Please Me is more cool pink; Sultriness has a hint of peachy tone.

I'm waiting for a chance to repurchase my favourite Powder Kiss Lipstick shades all at once, so I can click pictures & swatch them all together. 

But, with that new price tag.....sigh.

Okay, I'll just go get one shade soon, because I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT IT ANY LONGER!!!

If you want to see a lip swatch, I wore it in THIS POST, but mixed with another shade + lip liner.

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