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What The Tooth Fairy Left Behind......

"The Tooth Fairy hasn't come till now.", 
Zii said sadly as he got out of bed, about 5 days after he lost his first tooth.

"Oh!!!.....", I exclaimed, 
".....I think it's because she's very very busy. She's probably visiting a lot of kids, 
because all of them are staying home nowadays & eating more candies....
She's like Santa, you know."
I said with certainty.

"Hmmm.", he replied morosely.

The Next Day:

I peeped from under my quilt as he woke up. He got up, put on his slippers sleepily,
 and started walking to the door. He didn't look around around his bed, like he usually does.

"Huggy!", I said to him quickly.

He came over to hug me, and that's when I noticed something on the floor!

"What's that?", I asked with a perplexed face.

"What?", he mumbled with disinterest.

"Behind you, on the floor.....", he turned around.

There was glitter everywhere!
On the floor next to his bed, near the window, on the ladder of his bunk bed!

Silver, blue, pink & gold glitter..... 
They looked like make-up glitter.

"I think dirt fell from on top!"
He's crouching & inspecting the floor.

"Thats not dirt! Where's your tooth?"
I knew only one person could be responsible for this.

He'd put his tooth in a little Nando's sauce jar & placed it on his shelf.

His eyes darted towards his bedside shelf.
The little jar was filled with coins, and a scroll laid beside it.


The coins are mixed currencies, and look so clean, like they'd been 
soaked in detergent.....or something.....

I love the tiny ones, and the silver ones.

He narrates this story like it's magical. He told me the glitter is from the Tooth Fairy's wings.

He also said he can buy me things now, coz he has all this money, so my 
Christmas wishlist is set! :)

In case you'd like to print this letter from the Tooth Fairy, here it is - 
in 2 options: Blue & Pink....

Speak again soon!

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Last Friday, I was busy (and maybe just wasn't in the mood to open my computer),
 but I'll be back with a couple of posts in between to make up for every time I don't show up.
The next one is gonna be on something I mentioned in my Insta stories.

Happy Weekend, everyone! 

Until next time.....


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