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If I Woke Up As A Man,If All My Makeup Could Talk | WEIRD Q & A

Typing this while watching Money Heist. 
Would I be okay in a hostage situation? Am I capable of robbing 2.4 Billion Euros?
 I pretend to ask myself, when I already know the answers.


One day, when I wasn't feeling well, and needed some distraction, I posted a Questions tag on Instagram : 'ASK ME A WEIRD/RIDICULOUS/EXISTENTIAL QUESTION',
and I'll be answering them in this post. It's been a month since. If you think you procrastinate too much, I'm a reminder that there are worst procrastinators out there.

Pink veils are usernames for privacy & personal questions (some were sent to my inbox too)

 *This is just a FUN post, not to be taken so seriously*

Who'd you hit with a glitter bomb & why?
Right now, everyone throwing stones at Kangana Ranaut. I'm not even a "fan" fan, but the way people pounce on any chance to degrade an unapologetically bold woman.....
Actually, can I use a baseball bat instead of a glitter bomb??

Who would you be if you weren't you?
I'd wanna be either of 2 fictional characters:
- Portia from Merchant Of Venice by Shakespeare; OR
- Sherlock Holmes (...and solve the Aarushi case.)

Super rich & intelligent, or just simply brilliant. Nothing in between.

My bday is 23/5, my hub is Virgo, kiddo is Oct. Can you see a pattern here?
So weird! You into swinging? Asking for a friend.

Why just a Blogger not a Influencer?
Because I am just a Blogger ;)
I wouldn't be a good/positive influence, anyway.
Plus, I don't want people to come to me & say, "You can't do/say that to your underage followers.", because I'll do whatever the hell I want 😄

If all your clothes & makeup could talk, what would they say about you?
Sometime she adores us. Sometimes she doesn't even know we exist.
"Hey, what about us?!", yelled the brand new, unopened MAC lipsticks 
& unworn clothes somewhere.

The stupidest kind of (Indian) Bloggers/Youtubers/Instagrammers these days? 

Some of my readers always like a leetle beet of drama, and I did get a few questions that I'd rather not answer. This is the only one I'll answer publicly....
My answer is not just about Indian ones, but general:

1. "How much for 100K followers & 100 comments?"

2. Today: "My skin has been loving this entire skincare line by 'X' brand." 
5 days later: "'This serum by 'Y' brand has really improved my skin!"

3. "I'm SELF-MADE. Do you hear me, all you 50K followers & sponsors?! 

4. "Really, I have no hate for this teenage Youtuber I'm gonna bitch about for hours." 

5. "Hi, I have more followers on social media now. So, even though we follow each other & I'm still boring AF, I must unfollow you, Plebs!"

6. "Yes, I will continue my I TRANSFORM SERIES again, soon!" - for the 100th time. 
Then gets upset over not finding a very specific wig, all over again.

Have you ever sniffed your feet?
Of course! I judge people by their feet, so I make sure my own always smell & look delightful enough to eat. No, it's not a foot fetish, in any way. Just... unclipped toenails & gremlin feet really turn me off.

Have you ever encountered smelly yet beautiful shoes?
This is another person, not the same person above hahaha 😁.... Yes I have! But they were not beautiful shoes, just these fake Woodland or Liberty school shoes (that were very IN at that time). They were made of funky-smelling cheap material inside, and the fake leather outside cracked. Just AWFUL!

If animals, humans, birds, all can move, why are trees stuck?
Because, unlike us all, trees have only 1 limb. 
I think this is a very smart & logical answer 😂

How do you maintain this crazy figure?
I love eating greens & I sleep a lot. I will elaborate on this in another post.
My dm's are filled with weight questions!

If you woke up as a man tomorrow, would anything in your life change?
Yes, of course! Everything. I don't wanna be a Man (I just want to think like one.)
I wish this Q was: If I woke up next to my male clone or male version of me. 
My answer to that would've been a lot more interesting! ;)

Romance or mystery or both?
Mystery, always. 
Romance, optional.

Why don't clothes in the kids section fit me?
Because they're busy fitting me 😂
I'm wearing a H&M t-shirt meant for 10-12 year olds right now.
Stay tuned for a kids section haul!

Are you Scottish?
Only about 1/4th.
I'm mostly K H A S I
Pronounced like KHALEESI

Dress ~ ZARA (Sold Out)
Bag ~ Forever New
Earrings ~ Forever New (shown here)
Gun ~ Mine, not Ziizayne's.

That's it for today. Hope you're all having a great week. Me, I'm wishing the monsoon season will go away now. My hair is a frizzy mess!

Signing off with my favourite song atm......


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  1. Oh dear! Such a fun read..thanks. 💕

  2. Enjoyed reading your answers :D

  3. I totally agree with you on your answers to Q10. I happened to ask one of them if she really used all the products she’d been advertising coz in a span of 3 days she recommended 3 totally different skin care lines (I mean the entire range!). As I expected, I got no answer ����

    1. response is better than lying, I guess :p


  4. I love Q&A's. These questions are so unique, I enjoyed reading about them. I appreciate how creative your thought process is.

  5. First of all I miss you on Instagram I didn't expect you were gonna delete the profile. :( I was about to tag you on a post & I couldn't find you.
    Also always love your song recommendations <3
    Much love always xo

    1. Hi Sneha, I miss you all too! I'll be back someday, just need a break.
      Lots of love & big hug... xo <3


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