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Anastasia Beverly Hills Now In India

I was (and still am) so bored with the beauty scene here in India, because everything on my wish list isn't available here. I hadn't bought an eyeshadow palette since the Revolution Flawless 4 Palette, like, over 1 year ago. I don't even want to go makeup shopping anywhere in this city anymore.

So, when news got out that Sephora India was bringing Anastasia Beverly Hills, or 'ABH', to our shores, I was like, "Ahhhh......water!"

Products launched:

Eyeshadow Palettes:
Modern Renaissance ~ Rs.4800
Soft Glam ~ Rs.4800
Norvina ~ Rs.4800
Riviera (Limited Edition) ~ Rs.5500


Loose Highlighters

Eyebrow Pencils & Dip Brow Pots

They do not have the Liquid Lipsticks at the moment.

Price Range is Rs.2000+ on all the products.

Riviera 'Vs' Modern Renaissance

Modern Renaissance Palette is a cult favorite, and though I do see it's charm, I've always like the SUBCULTURE Palette more, but it wasn't launched. So, I finally..... f-i-n-a-l-l-y!!!.... after the SA right there in the pic showed them to me side-by-side 3-4 times.....decided to get  Riviera, just because the colors look more exciting.


Sails (Matte white)
Yacht (Duo Chrome mauvy taupe with a violet shift)
Seychelles (Metallic aqua marine)
Palermo (Metallic jewel pink)
Seaside (Duo Chrome silver with a subtle blue shift)
Inheritance (Metallic true gold)
Mediterranean (Metallic sky blue)
Estate (Matte soft pastel peachy pink)
Cabana (Matte muted birch mustard)
Coastline (Matte pastel soft peach)
Bahamas (Matte bright bold candy hot pink pressed pigment)
Monte Carlo (Matte cool mid-tone pink)
Cannes (Matte bright violet purple pressed pigment)
Palm (Matte dark chocolate brown pressed pigment)

Also includes a dual-ended brush & large mirror inside.

I played with the palette yesterday, using mostly the 1st five colours on the bottom row

I'm hoping they'll launch the Liquid Lipsticks & Subculture Palette, too, soon.

Happy Weekend, All!

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  1. Riviera looks pretty for sure 😍 I will wait for liquid lipsticks 😁

  2. Beautiful palette,.. Nice shades,..


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