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Saying Goodbye To Expired Makeup

When it's time. It's time.

Every Makeup Hoarder's nightmare, and I'm living it right now.

All these have been with me for over 5 years or more now. I've valued them & treated them with respect (and extreme care!)

These are about 80% of the make-up I have to let go of. There are still some in some boxes that I need to sort out. I don't touch them anymore, and now they're just there occupying all the space.

All MAC Lipsticks will go to the Back To Mac program, so at least I'll get some free lipsticks to replace a few.

NO, I won't give EXPIRED stuff away to other people.

YES, it hurts.

I'll be fine.

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  1. I have lots of expired stuff however I am not able to throw them bcz they so too cute 😩

  2. I have never thrown out any of my old makeup. Stored carefully, even (powder) eyeshadows manufactured as early as 1979 are still usable. I keep them for entirely sentimental reasons, though. Maybe someday I'll get around to starting a museum of makeup in India, and then all the old, pre-liberalization, pre-globalization stuff will be displayed in their (now-faded) glory. Does anyone else have seriously old make-up in their stash, from way back when Max Factor was still a factor in the Indian beauty market, or even earlier? It would be nice to hear from them on this board.


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