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Michael Kors CYNTHIA Satchel ~ Unboxed

Hey everyone! How've you all been? Excited about Spring? Can you believe how hot it already is here in Delhi??!! =\

And now..... please say HELLO to my name handbag - CYNTHIA

I never! 😮

 Thanks Michael Kors for naming a handbag after me. Yes, ME! That's what I'd like to think anyway, and you're ain't here to object, so.

I LOVE IT SO MUCH! I wish I could get it in every colour! But practically (and financially) speaking, I'd just love a black....and pink! 
(I picked this one over blush pink, btw. Hardest decision I've ever made in my life!)

Name: Michael Kors Cynthia Small North South Satchel

Color: Pale Blue. Was launched in lots of colors.

From: Hong Kong. 
It wasn't available at Emporio Mall when I'd gone to check last year, so I can't say if it's available there now.

Time of Purchase: July, 2016

Time Of Unboxing: February, 2017

I know, so late! But sometimes..... you have to wait for that 'Lost Carrie Necklace Moment'  (Sex And The City series finale) Okay okay, well.... I was waiting to be in the right mind to unbox it.

Sling strap & wallet included

2 compartments, with a middle zipper compartment separating them + a mobile pouch and a small zipped corner compartment. Sorry, i feel like I'm describing a train instead a handbag!

My favourite part

Hope you liked this other Cynthia :)

Forgive me in advance if I become like one of those people who wear yoga pants all the time, because this bag will probably become my version of yoga pants =D

Good to speak to you all again. 

I'm sorry for disappearing now and then, but I will be back real soon :*


  1. Love the colour of the bag and the skirt and your nailpaint...:)

  2. loved the colour of the bag <3 which nail polish are you wearing?

    1. It's Maybelline Color Show Go Graffiti Blueberry Bombshell :)


  3. Oh-so-pretty!!!!!!!! I want the blush pink one in this!!! well..ahem.. hmmmmm.....

    I remember your post about this dress... from forever new website? I guesss.......

    Your clicks are always so so sooooooooooooooooo beautifullll!!!! :)


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