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How Many Beauty Products Do I Use In A Day?

Before you read this post, I'd like to tell you 5 things about my younger self:

1. One time, when I was a teenager, I had only Rs.150 in my pocket. I needed to spend it, of course. I bought a big heavy bottle of Peach Hair Conditioner. I think it was Herbal Essences, but I'm not sure. Now that was a time when we only used hair products that came in those 2-rupee sachets, so it was a big deal. I gave up Lassi & Puri Sabji at a popular joint for it. I went home (super hungry), and used it before attending a wedding. The tailor didn't stitch my dress that well and my shoes hurt like hell, but "I just used a pricey fancy conditioner....woohooo!!!"

2. (I've told this story before) When I was younger than, or about, 10 years old, my nanny gave me 5 rupees to buy my Mom a birthday present. I bought her a tiny lipstick. A green one. The kind that turns pink once applied.  She didn't use it at all, but that thrill of buying a lipstick? I remember. To this day, I remember the little local shop with charcoal-stained & broken wooden walls, it was hot, you couldn't enter the shop, you could only point at what you want, I remember standing on tip toes to talk to the shopkeeper & then running home super duper excited, I remember. 

3. I always looked forward to Sunday's Graphiti Magazine. Flipped it back to front, because first things first - The Beauty Tips section. Yes, I tried most, if not all, of them.

4. I used to love walnuts, I saved the shells, because I thought they looked too good to throw away. I didn't know what to do with them, but I had a feeling they were.... special. This was before my teens, so I knew nothing about walnut scrubs. Imagine older me finding 2 big packets of empty walnut shells on top of my textbooks in a cabinet!

5. Long before I could use makeup, meaning: school days, I applied Vaseline on my lashes to thicken & curl them. I'd pinch some lashes together - back then, just because. Beauty Hack right there.

What I wanted you to pick up from that is -


Okay! Now you are ready to read the post  ;p

How many beauty products do I use everyday?


Cleansing Gel(Morning)
Cleansing Oil(Night)
Cleansing Foam (Night)
Treatment Water
Eye Cream (Day)
Eye Cream (Night)
Sleeping Pack
Lip Balm Pot
Lip Balm Stick
(Total: 14)


Concealer (Undereye)
Concealer (Stick)
Facial Oil
Loose Powder
Compact Powder
Contour Powder/Bronzer
Eyeshadow Primer
Cream Eyeshadow
Powder Eyeshadows
Brow Pencil
Brow Gel/Clear Mascara
Lip Liner
Finishing Spray
Micellar Water (makeup remover)
(Total: 19)


Hair Oil
Hair Spray
(Total: 5)


Body Wash
Body Lotion
Body Butter
Body Oil
Hand Cream (Day)
Hand Cream (Night)
(Total: 8)

Total Number of products: 46

What's your number? 

I reeaallly want to know! =)


  1. On an average, I counted almost everything I use daily comes to 33. I had to list everything :) I'm really shocked, when I saw your list, I was like mine may be half of your list,.. but its shocking. I use so many products daily :)

  2. So I just made a cup of coffee and sat in my bed (because this week is just not ending :/) and I was hoping for a blog post on IVC ... and here we are! The 5 things are so sweet :)
    PS- I already do the vaseline hack like it's my job.
    I'm a basic gal so number of products would be ... 8.


  3. Damn that's a lot. So good to know that you can manage all the time after running after your cute little toddler. Me without any toddler still run out of time :'(

  4. I counted mine... It's just 1 ... �� occasionally 2 ...

  5. Do you apply all that makeup everyday ?

  6. Hey darling! I was actually thinking about you earlier today as I'd not visited your blog in a while.

    I loved reading about your past beauty stories! When I visited my mum's village in India, I noticed they only had the sachets of shampoo, had no idea the thought of having a full shampoo/conditioner bottle was a big deal, something us folk in the UK take for granted.

    I am an absolute beauty junkie and I think I roughly use around similar amounts as you, eeek!



  7. I have also been crazy about beauty products since I was small. I too have tried some DIY s on my own. Interesting post !

  8. That is a lot of products. I wonder how many I use.

  9. I have never thought of counting how many I use :p And now after doing it, I am really shocked!A Whopping 35!!

  10. That's a long list! Never counted mine...because they change on a daily basis :P

    My Beauty Blog

  11. 22 for me for all out glam office look :p

  12. 22 for me for all out glam office look :p

  13. Eighteen counting all makeup, hair n skincare

  14. Eighteen counting all makeup, hair n skincare

  15. I use 10 products on an average everyday (skincare and makeup) :D :D Talk about being lazy

  16. I love the innocence of your younger self. Beautiful! brought back memories:)


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