Faux Fur To Favorites

Hi, All! Hope you enjoyed your weekend. 

Today, I wanted to talk about the things that make me feel happy....

....and  lucky! =)

Betsey Johnson Blush Wallet ~ See, it's got a heart puller! You should have seen my previous pink Charles & Keith wallet, the PU leather all peeled from the edges. So many times I was embarrassed to take it out of my bag. It took me a while to get another one, because....well, my wallet has to be special ;p
(Got it half off from Jabong, btw)

MAC Velvet Teddy Lipstick ~ Favorite nude lippie right now. Deep-tone Beige. Matte finish. Why did I wait this long?

Lakme Matte Lip Tint in Magenta Magic ~ I wasn't going to get any of these when they first launched, coz I was done with the whole chubby stick/lip crayon mania. BUT I couldn't resist the lure of a new product, a new "Indian" product. The first time I tried it on, I actually said out loud, 'WOW!'  Texture, finish & pigmentation....all amazing - better than Revlon Matte Balms. Magenta Magic is a flattering deep pink that looks good as a stain too. Now I'm so very tempted to get more shades =D

Maybelline Color Show Nail Polish in Crazy Berry   ~ Was looking for a deep nail polish that isn't black. Found this in a travel makeup bag. Will be wearing it all December most probably.

L'Oreal Gel Liner in Sapphire Blue ~ This deep blue is so IN & so gorgeous! I see it a lot in homeware and decided to get some for myself, starting with a simple liner that has been on my watch list for a while. Love it on my waterline, coz it makes the whites of my eyes seem whiter.

The Body Shop Strawberry Eau De Toilette ~ This is what I smell like these days. It smells a lil' fruity, a lil' sweet and so Christmassy, quite similar to Escada Cherry In The Air
(One of the Diwali gifts from husband, btw =) )

And now.....My most favorite, the one that almost ruined my festive mood:

Vero Moda Fake Fur Jacket!

Long story not so short.....

Saw it in Vero Moda. Liked but didn't buy.
Checked on Jabong. It was cheaper, but decided to wait a bit, like a good girl.
Another day, checked again on Jabong. Didn't buy it again, like a stupid girl.
Some days later, checked. My size XS GONE!
Checked again next day. Every size GONE!
Now I want it even more! *bites fingernails*
I went to a VM store. The source!
Jacket was nowhere in sight.
SA told me, assuredly, 'SOLD OUT'
Those 2 words hurt more than a blood test. 
I wanted to chew something....like a Kit-Kat.
After walking around the whole store (because I didn't believe the SA),
I went home and began searching online - desperately.
I googled and googled and googled some more. Nothing.
From: 'Vero Moda Faux Fur Jacket ' 
To:'Vero Moda Oatmeal VM Curl Faux Fur Jacket India Online' 
I went through Google images (for the 10th time maybe), and landed on Myntra.
You know it's app only now, so I couldn't see further.
I had to download the app.
I couldn't do that asap, coz my phone had no more storage space!
You know, I can't even click photos anymore because of this reason.
 (Hate you Apple!)
I deleted some apps, photos & videos.
Download finally done.
I straight away hit the search bar.
About 30% OFF, just like on Jabong =D =D
(From Rs.3295 to Rs.2422, btw)
Okay, XS please be there....
Quick! Click BUY NOW!
Only 1 left, a box flashed at the bottom.
Quick! Checkout and pay! 
There might be someone else doing the same thing!
 Now I can have dinner.
Wait, what if they contact me later and say it's an error, it's actually not in stock?!
No, very unlikely.
We'll see. 

And now we're seeing =D

This is what it looks like

I'm so obsessed with faux fur coats (one in every color, please.), and when I see one that doesn't cost over Rs.7000, in India, it will be mine - one way or another.

Have you read my old post about another furry coat? You can read HERE.

Btw, LOVING the Myntra app! Smooth browsing, quick delivery, prompt everything. Oh, and they keep Forever 21 too. Yes, I have ordered some clothes that aren't even on the F21 website & have received them already. I bought them while sleeping, with a duvet over my head ;D


Until next time....


  1. This post was adorable! And so very relatable :')

  2. Yay we're wearing the same nail paint right now! <3

  3. I can so relate to this. Glad you are back

  4. Your wallet definitely looks special ! I have the Myntra app too, & while I love that it has brands like M&S, the app really lags on my iPhone, its pain to use :( Jabong & Amazon run smoothly =) I wish Myntra didn't have their stupid policy to be app-only
    Forever 21 Makeup Sponges Review

  5. That fur coat is so adorable. Lovely post dear :)

  6. This post was cute..like all of your posts :-) and I laughed so hard at "I bought them while sleeping, with a duvet over my head"..hhahahah...I do that so often too. Going to check out Myntra app to get some furry friends too :-)

    Kulsoom at Live and Love Yourself

  7. Wonderful CZ!!! You must be feeling great now, you know when you finally get something you thought you'd never get! :)

  8. Even I have encountered such shopping experience before..A nice post.. :) :) :*

  9. Hahahaha! I totally get the craziness of your shopping experience :D So adorabaly described :)


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