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March FAB BAG ~ What I Got.....

"Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself."

~ Coco Chanel.

This is my very first experience with these monthly beauty bags, even though I've always been intrigued and have been thinking about subscribing to one. If you're not familiar with them, they are basically monthly subscription beauty bags - you subscribe, and every month a customized bag of beauty products will arrive at your doorstep. It's quite cool, coz you get to try out & discover different products (sometimes sample size, sometimes FULL SIZE!), and of course, there's the element of surprise! I was very excited to unzip this month's FAB BAG. Here's what I got.....

Inveda BB Cream, 15 ml ~ O-M-G this is awesome! From the first time I applied it, I was super impressed by its texture - creamy and hydrating but non-oily, doesn't cake up when layered, evens out skin tone.....etc....must buy this one again! With Magnolia & Almond, SPF 20, Paraben Free. This is in the shade Fair, which suits my skin tone perfectly.

Sebastian Volupt Spray, 50 ml ~ Volume building spray gel.

Soultree Ayurvedic Kajal in True Blue ~ This is available in 12 colors! Made with organic ghee & natural pigments

Palladio Herbal Lipstick in Rosey Plum ~ Love the finish of this lippie. I just wish this rosey plum shade didn't have shimmer.

Fashionography Bracelet With Love ~ Interesting to find a piece of bling in there =)

A 1-month subscription costs Rs.599, so you do get more products than you pay for!

FAB BAG Plans:

1 month Subscription: Rs.599
3-month Subscription : Rs.1499
6-month Subscription: Rs.2699
12-month Subscription: Rs.4799

FREE Shipping!

If you're interested, you can subscribe to FAB BAG here

Thanks to Team FAB BAG for sending out this bag for me to try out! It's weird, because I got an email from them a few days after I'd browsed their website & was thinking about subscribing to them! =D


  1. Wow ! they seem really good :)

  2. I'd be keen on that ayurvedic kajal. Is it widely available in India Cynthia or just a new thingy?

  3. I was always interested in subscribing to one of these subscription bags after I came to know of ipsy, birchbox and others but we couldn't really get them here. I saw a friend receive her monthly fab bag and it was a glittery golden pouch and absolutely fell in love with it and I think they have the best products too.

    Debasree // ALL SHE NEEDS

  4. hi! loved this post :) just hv a little doubt...are the products customized? do we get to choose them or evrybody gets the same bag/products??

    1. Hi! You can't choose everything, but they tend to pick products that you'd most likely prefer by going through the questionnaire that you'll need to fill when you sign up! :)


  5. I like the stuff they sent, bu tit could be better
    My Beauty Blog

  6. you've got some really good stuff babe :)

  7. nice stuf...i also got almost same products :)

  8. Do you have give away season for us to try some products you love and tried. I would love to receive any free give away product so that I can try it before buying. Thanks...


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