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Matching! :)

Happy Sunday, Everyone! Just a little post before I go on to do my Sunday chores, and catch up with the new season of Grey's Anatomy.

So I've been hunting for newborn baby booties online, and am quite disappointed that there aren't many cute ones. Especially unisex ones. I saw this aqua pair, and decided to get them. They are for 0-6 months, so they are too big.
 I want really tiny.

I don't like the blue pen (chalk?) marks on the doggy. Some people don't pay attention to detail at all, do they?

Price ~ Rs.175

Back when I've no use for them, I used to see cute cute newborn baby booties, but now that I need them, they are nowhere to be seen! 

BUT I will find what I'm looking for sooner or later.

Thank You for reading. Talk again soon! =)


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  1. Go for socks instead of booties coz usually they fall of the babies feets... Saying from experience... I avoided booties after few attempts...

  2. you'll be surprised how quickly your baby will outgrow things -- especially the newborn stage! I always buy a size up. and I also second the above commenter who said to go for socks -- they do fit better and grows with the child.

  3. go they have very cute baby stuff


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