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Perfect Liquid Highlighter ~ Affordable & Benefit High Beam Dupe!

Ooh, like Benefit High Beam!
That's my first thought when I chanced on this amazing highlighter ~ Faces Metaliglow Highlighter in shade #02. It's the type of highlighter that you can go overboard with and it still won't make you look like a disco ball - because there are no chunky shiny particles in it. It's just p-e-r-f-e-c-t for every day & every occasion, because it subtly illuminates skin. Really, it was such a pleasant surprise that I liked it A LOT from the very first time it grazed my cheek bones!

How To Use: Apply 3-4 dots on top of your cheekbones, blend them & then dust some loose powder on top. Apply some on your brow bones, nose bridge & cupid's bow too if you want to enhance them.

Faces Metaliglow 02 Swatch ~ I think this shade is called Pink Pearl. It does have a pinkish tint, which disappears when you blend it out.

Faces Metaliglow 02 Swatch ~ Unblended, Blended

MAC MSF Soft And Gentle 'Vs' Faces Metaliglow 02

MAC MSF Soft And Gentle 'Vs' Faces Metaliglow 02

Price ~ Rs.699, but I got it for Rs.594.15 - It's 15% OFF at Lifestyle.

Size ~ 15 ml.

It's available in 4 shades. There's a slightly darker shade which looks a bit bronzey like MAC Soft And Gentle MSF up there - shade #03, I think - that I'll also pick up, coz it will look nice when I'm going for a sun-kissed look or on legs!

Before I laid eyes on this, I was checking out the new Revlon PhotoReady Skinlights Face Illuminators (Rs.850). I was disappointed that they looked too shimmery even with very little product - you know, those chunky particles I mentioned.

I will use this in a look sometime. But for now, I highly recommend it. I wanted to talk about it, so you could make use of the % discount - assuming it's still on right now! =)

Have a good week, all! Talk to you again later.


  1. That is really sweet of u to inform us before the sale ends... seems like a great buy...

  2. This seems glittery to me..I was planning to buy the Revlon one but if they're too shimmery I'll stay away from it!
    Btw is this one actually a dupe of High Beam?

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. looks beautiful..definitely next on wishlist..

  5. Can you please do a review of the chocolate bar palette?

  6. thank you for this rec! I am looking for it right now online! :-)


  7. I have been planning to buy this product from a long time but still confused! I have heard girls saying that it even acts like an eyeshadow primer/base.. Is that true? Because if that's the case I would definitely like to pick it up.

  8. Can I find this in hyderabad's lifestyle?


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