Just Kohl Pencil Smoky Eye Makeup ~ Step-By-Step Tutorial

I've gotten quite a few requests to do a very simple look with no eyeshadow, and with a minimum number of products. So here it is!
(This is also how I start off most of my smoky eye makeup looks, whether I'm using a kohl pencil or a cream eyeshadow.)

1. When using a smudgy kohl pencil, do prime lids with an eyeshadow primer first to prevent creasing. Line outer half of top & bottom lash line. Create a wing at the corner by joining both lines. I used brown, but you can use black or any other color. The kohl just has to be one with a blendable velvety texture.

2. Line inner half of top lash line. It doesn't have to look even and neat, coz you'll be smudging it out.

3. Tightline the inner rim of top lash line right at the base of lashes and fill in any gaps.

4. Now it's time to smudge. With a fairly stiff smudger brush, start smudging the edges of the kohl to diffuse the color. *Your brush should touch ONLY the top edges of the line you've drawn, and try not to go near the roots of your lashes.

5. Gradually move the brush up to the crease line. Work with your eye shape. I have hooded lids, so I go up to where my crease is supposed to be.

6. Also smudge the lower lash line. I didn't all the way in, coz I didn't want my eyes to look smaller.

7. It should look something like that once you're done smudging.

8. A fluffy blending brush will blur out any harsh lines and correct unevenness.

9. Curl lashes & apply mascara on top and bottom lashes....and you're DONE!

More: Dab a shimmery eyeshadow on the center of your lids with your pinky finger. You could also apply a black liquid or gel liner, depending on the look you're going for. You can do anything now that you've achieved the base of any smoky eye.

*(As always, please excuse any errors in the explanations! I usually have to come back and edit.)
I used only 6 products for this look:

Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer ~ Not shown
Bourjois Kohl & Contour Eye Pencil Brun Design ~ LOVE! Product Of The Week (look on the right sidebar of this blog)
Colorbar Smokin' Eyes Smudger Brush
Shu Uemura Gold Eyelash Curler
L'Oreal Miss Manga Mega Volume Mascara

I hope you found this tutorial helpful & I will be posting the other promised Glitter Tutorial next week!

Btw, did you How I Met Your Mother fans watch the series finale? I watched it last week.

I still can't decide whether I liked the end or not, but I'm not disappointed & angry with it, like a lot of people are =D

A FB status: "I will never forgive them for how they ended HIMYM! I want to cry!!! T_T"

I wonder whom she wanted to cry for.

So! Another tv show is g-o-n-e *sighs* 

At least there's still Game Of Thrones!


  1. Hey Cynthia,
    I recently subscribed to your blog. I absolutely love reading your posts! The pictures are a treat for the eyes!! <3
    P.S. I am a big Game of Thrones fan too. It's unbearable to wait for an entire week for a new episode!

    1. Hi Shweta,
      I know! That's why sometimes I wait till there are more than 3 eps so I can watch them all at once =D
      Thank you...and welcome! :)


  2. Loved the look.. So simple yet so intense and gorgeous at the same time.


  3. that is fantastic..so simple!
    I am the worse at eye-makeup...loved it!

    Blue Velvet Addict

  4. Thanks a ton Cynthia :* I lob it ♡♥♡♥

  5. I love doing this, it's just so efficient and less time consuming.. I love using my Rimmel exaggerate kohl for this as it has the perfect smudger behind it. I am a massive Game of thrones fan too, I was so happy with what happened last episode.. hehe ;)

    Debasree from All She Needs

  6. Really helpful and detailed tutorial, CZ.
    As for HIMYM, I loved the finale, as I always rooted for Ted and Robin. For me it was perfect! :)

    1. I didn't think it was bad either Joyi :)


  7. I love the tutorial! So pretty! xx


  8. Cynthia , I have to share this with u. My mother passed away five years ago. So I go to my brother for any kind of sincere advise. Sometimes he is like *am I supposed to tell u all this ?* Sometimes he feels pity on me and cooperates. So yesterday , after going thru your smokey eyes tutorials , I decided to give out a try. I did with my best artistic hands. I went to my brother. In great excitement , I asked * bhai main kaisi lag rahi hu * ( brother , how am I looking ) he looked at me with wide eyes and said * sonia, why dont you do something about your dark circles !!* ( dark circles were reference to my smokey eye makeup ) Sigh !!! It was instant depression for me :'( seems I am several trials away before I can achieve your kind of finesse.

    1. Hahaha! :D Aww...I'm sure he exaggerated a little bit, like most men do :D


  9. Awesome tutorial. Loved the final look :)

  10. Lovely look dear ... thanks for sharing with us

  11. Love the smokey eye look. Thanks for the tutorial:)


  12. Fab tutorial! I can't wait to try this! x

  13. Thanks all! Glad you liked this tut <3



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