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Lancôme Rouge In Love Rose Boudoir Dupe?

Here is proof that this is my favorite lipstick shade. I've had my eye on Lancôme Rouge In Love Rose Boudoir for months, after trying the first shade I bought, Midnight Rose (post here). When I got Bourjois Rouge Edition Fraise Remix, I fell in love with it, but I didn't realize that the shades are very very similar.....until a couple days ago. Some people might feel disappointed having bought a lipstick shade they already had in the first place, but for dupe-hunting beauty bloggers like myself, it is one of the best feelings. Like you've conquered something. Ya, conquer type of feeling. Like in chess......okay, I know nothing about chess.

Except for the texture & finish, in which Lancôme Rouge In Love clearly wins (look how it plumps up my lips to linelessness!), the shades are almost identical. Bourjois Rouge Edition has a heavier & more creamy texture.

Lancôme Rouge In Love 340B Rose Boudoir ~ Rs.1750.

Bourjois Rouge Edition #11 Fraise Remix ~ Rs.955 (I got in for £7.99 | Rs.829 from Superdrug, UK.) 

Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipsticks are available online on Slassy here (Just info. Not affiliated.)

What do you think? Dupe or not?

Since many of you wrote to me mentioning you like my footnotes & TV show talks *wink*  The Walking Dead is back....Yippee! And next Thursday, Grey's Anatomy....Averyyy! Books: I read a sample of The Marriage Bargain on my Kindle mobile app, and kinda liked it (clever writing style), so I might order it soon.

P.S: I'm so sorry replies to comments have been slow lately. I will sit down and catch up starting now!


  1. Absolute dupe!
    Must say..your swatches are true to colour, you should see my review of this very shade..the the swatch is totally and completely unlike the true colour... :(
    ..any suggestions?? :P


  2. Definite Dupe! I own Fraise Remix and I love it, It's the only Coral shade I find looks good on me!

  3. Wow such a good dupe think I might swatch the Bourjoius one next time i'm in Boots. You can clearly see the difference in quality which makes me feel like it's slightly more justified when I do buy a high end lip product over a high street one. x

  4. Grey's Anatomy is The Only Show I Watch Religiously After FRIENDS.. Super Excited For It!
    And Such a B'ful Shade! Although Even The Dupe is Expensive For Me! :P Lol!

  5. This is exactly why I love reading ur blog! :-)

  6. Eeeh, they both looks gorgeous!

  7. In terms of color and finish, total DUPE! I love the shade, so bright and pretty and girly!

  8. I ♥ these type of posts you make Cynthia.

  9. Great Post its a very close Dupe. You have got and eye of an eagle.P

  10. Its confirmed! It's dupe. Love the color. Great post.

  11. the shade is awesome. :)

  12. Corr, that really is an impressive dupe! Beautiful colour too! xo

    Hannah | Glitter and Sparkle

  13. nice find! they looks identically.


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