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MEOW! Avon Cat Manicure Set | Mega Effects Mascara, Etc.

Oh, so very MEOW! Doesn't she look fabulous?!
So, one Friday evening, when I reached home, I saw a Avon brochure outside our front door, leaning on the wall next to the doormat. It felt kind of surreal. In August, I'd made this post about the Mega Effects Mascara, and then I felt lazy about ordering it on Ebay. When I laid eyes on the brochure, the mascara was the only thing that popped in my head. I thought, 'Meant To Be'. Tucked in the brochure was a receipt/order form where I was supposed to write down what I wanted to order, and on it was also a note saying I just had to leave the brochure out again on Monday morning, so the Avon rep could come and collect it. Now that, ladies, is a super cool way to shop. Doorstep Shopping.
As I was flipping through the brochure, I saw something else that I ended up wanting more than the mascara. A pink heart-shaped Cat Manicure Set. In under 5 seconds, it stole the show - like an underdogcat.....
 It's made of some kind of leather. Plain pink at the back. I thought the pink bow would be a real pink ribbon. It's not, in case you're also delusional... hehe.

 It holds Scissors, Nail Cutter, Cuticle Cutter, Tweezers, Filer. LOVE that the heart print!

♥♥♥♥♥ this pretty kitty!
Avon Mega Effects Mascara ~ I wanted to try this mascara badly because of the uber cute design and never-before-seen Wonderbrush.
 I will let you know how I find it. Fingers crossed.

Super Extend Eye Liner Black

 Cat Manicure Set ~ £4 | Rs.408
Mega Effects Mascara ~ £10 | Rs.1020.
Super Extend Eye Liner Black ~ FREE with Mascara *grins*

Btw, there are some other cute cat stuff too. Below is an Instagram pic I posted weeks ago......
I wanted that Jewelry Holder & Mug With Tray  as well, but they would be hard to pack when I leave, sadly.
Oh, please, try to get your hands on the Cat Manicure Set, at least. Don't you think it's at such a good price too? Now I want a clutch just like it! Maybe a pajama set too. And cushions. I will wear cat pajamas....and I will lie on cat cushions.....and purr....and.....


  1. I would have totally gone for the mug with the tray attached cuz i'm a coffee addict :D
    Please review the mascara soon. If you think it's good i'll but it :)

  2. aww the manicure kit is adorable <3

  3. I absolutely love anything to do with cats! They're so funny and cute.

  4. Wow!!! I wish we could do doorstep shopping here in India too

  5. WOW, I am mesmerized by that packaging! I can't see anything else.... blinded.

  6. Cuteness!!! Btw the mascara looks a bit scary!

  7. *gasp*
    those cat manicure kit is totally adorable!!

  8. lovly stuffff I love pink color as well as you're blog :*

  9. Wow!! I have never seen such a mascara!! waiting for your review!!

  10. It was an awwwww so cute moment for me to see this post.....

  11. hi can you do a tutorial on how to use the cuticle cutter it ll b a great help...

    1. Even I'm just getting used to it Richa. Only had them done in salon before. But might do a tut when I'm familiar with it :)



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