Bourjois Java Rice Powder ~ Iconic Product In 1879!

Bourjois celebrated its 150th Anniversary this year. Wow! They reinvented a vintage edition of its first historical best-seller - 2 million sold each year in the early 20th century!
Java Rice Powder:
~ A delicately scented feather-light powder that lights up and smoothes complexion in one step. ~ Its radiant and velvety finish immediately creates a youthful glow.
~ One translucent shade is universal and lights up all skin tones.
 I adore the packaging. At first, I thought the white was a sticker, but it's not. It's printed on.

It  has a swivel thingy so you can close the holes, like the Flower Perfection Powder
It's a light rose pink powder with fine silver & gold shimmer. When blended, it looks translucent. It is scented and smells amazing! I love how silky it feels.
 Photo with flash to show shimmer

I wore it in my previous LOTD. See it makes my skin look more shiny. You can spot some of the shimmer under my eyes and nose bridge. More pics here

 For me, it is like a collector's item, because I won't be using it much - maybe as a highlighter only on high points of my face and not all over. I might mix it with my regular loose powder sometimes. For those who look for ways to luminous glowy complexion, this powder might be a quick and easy way there.
It's best to apply it not as a setting powder, but as a thin veil over another matte loose powder. 

Price ~  £9.99 | Rs.1019 from Superdrug.
My Rating ~ ♥♥♥♥♥ 3.5/5.
It's a Limited Edition

Hope you all are enjoying your Saturday, and not in a foul mood like I am. My blog editor is changing how my pics look when I upload them. Delayed all my planned posts. I don't know how these will appear on your screen. On mine, they are darker, and I had to remove one where it made my arm look all bruised. Grr. Okay, I'll go mop the house and do laundry to cool down.


  1. I love this Java Rice Powder! Like how it has subtle shimmer. Its pretty and I think it might be better than the liquid complexion enhancers right?

  2. What a lovely packaging!! I'd love to try it!1 Beautiful


  3. I love Palladio rice powder...have not seen this here in Statess!

  4. Officially in love with it <3

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  5. Beautiful looking product, Not for me tho as I prefer mattes over shimmery.
    Looking pretty :D
    xoxo <3


  6. Loved the shiny finih.. great a a top coat over matte powders.. :)
    well mine wa a bit addy addy too.. and me too did laundry and lot of household chores.. feeling better now!! ;) :) :)

  7. alright so now I know why your face looks oilier than normal - I was wondering if your skin was acting out - now i know its your blog upload issue!

    lovely product but with my oily skin i'll probably look like an oil factory with this one

  8. Love the packaging <3

  9. Same Here! :(

    My Pics Are Looking Grainy n Darker After Uploading Them, Dunno Why :-/

    And Yes, A Lovely Collector's Item :)

  10. Wow..I want this! I love how it's making your skin look satiny! especially in the earlier post's fotd! love!

  11. Nyc review I will try dis soon :)


  12. i like how it doesn't have overpowering shimmer and you're right, it's a pretty good idea to mix it with a regular powder! :) nice product indeed!

  13. Collectors item! haha, love how you collect makeup souvenirs. xx

  14. lol I bought this from Boots, just for the packaging! Have not really tried it on the face yet

  15. Seriously,why is it called Java Rice?I'm a Javanese and have no idea what is it with our rice! LOL.. XD

  16. hi i just wanted to know if superdrug has international shipping.......also can u suggest any sites tht ship to India..........


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