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Bourjois Bronzing Primer ~ Incredible!

Bourjois nailed it! This is the first cream bronzer I've ever used, and I don't think I'll want to use any other cream bronzer- or any other primer, for that matter. It's that Incredible!
Bourjois Bronzing Primer has a mousse-like texture, but it feels a little more moist than mousse-to-powder foundations, and more moisturizing than all those silicone-packed clear primers. The first ingredient is Dimethicone, which usually causes my skin to break out (cystic pimples), but even after over-using & over-layering it greedily, I haven't seen any of the dreadful things (touch wood!)
It's made with cocoa beans and orange blossom elixir for radiance and hydration. It smells delicious- like chocolate, and I think a little bit coconutty.
It blends so effortlessly- like whoosh whoosh and it's gone. It does not darken my skin tone or make it look muddy, it only adds a bit of sun-kissed holiday bronze. It evens out the texture of my skin, and makes it feel plumper.
How To Use It: Although it's a primer, I prefer to use it over foundation. I apply with fingers, as well as a contouring brush, like the Sigma F05 (which sheds crazily when used with cream products). I actually want to gift it its own special brush, because it's so good to me. 
[Click to enlarge]
If you were expecting to see a  face swatch, don't worry. I'll probably be wearing it in all my looks from now onwards.... until you get tired of seeing it- just like my The Body Shop Honey Bronzing Powder  =D

Price ~ £6.99 | Rs.607
My Rating ~  ♥♥♥♥♥ 5/5.

I doubt it's been launched in India, but it won't be long.

I'm addicted to it! Really, who needs Nutella?


  1. It does look pretty... Nice color... Can't wait to face swatch... :)

  2. It looks good enough to eat. :D

  3. Looks very similar to Soleil tan de Chanel..! Can you compare the two? I wonder if this is as good as the Chanel one.

  4. I wanna eat it! Hope this comes to India soon!

  5. How would it look on tan skin??? Any idea???

    1. I think it'll just add a subtle contoured look, depending on how much of it you use. Bronzer looks great on tan skin


  6. hehe!! I want Nutela :D
    waiting for more looks with this primer. Hope they launch it here soon.

  7. Ah it would be like applying nutella to your face.

  8. All I can say Cynthia Ma'am ... Bonjour semble savoureux... Yum Where Can i find in india <3 Shrutika

  9. I want to eat it.slllurppppppppppp!!!!!!!!!

  10. Hi
    Can someone tell me where I can buy this bronzer "primer bronzer " online . I did in the past but, the page no longer available. Please I want to buy this product and like crazy trying to find the page .


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